guest book, part III

Another signature in our guest book today (actually yesterday), but kind of illegible.  I realize I’ve got no place complaining about anyone else’s writing.  My signature looks like I wrote it from inside a blender.

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Monty, I’d like to pick door number two.

Eric and his cronies wasted no time in getting the walk-in over to the new space, and they were hard at work on it today.  One for raw materials and the other for prepped food?  One for the restaurant, the other for catering?  We haven’t decided yet.

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four on the floor

The floor guys were back at it today, in full force this time.  Twice as many, and redoing the floor from scratch, as they discovered our wall was not exactly parallel to the wall on the other side of the room.  They took the whole thing apart and started fresh, which is why there doesn’t […]

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hit the parking lot, Jack

  When the concrete around Feast started going in, I saw a guy in a hat checking in periodically to make sure everything was going according to plan.  He looked like the owner of Benchmark Concrete, which in fact he turned out to be.  And I imagined him strolling from one Benchmark job to the […]

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mind the gap

I can’t say the budget overruns have been an enjoyable experience, but I can say that after just a couple hundred square feet, I’m glad we sprung for some decent flooring.  I’ve got nothing against polished concrete when I go to a restaurant as a guest, but when you’re walking on it all day, you […]

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lost frost

Omar and I started yesterday bright and early, hauling everything out of the walk-in and into our temporary refrigerated truck.  while the truck is about the size of our walk-in, it’s configured rather differently, which means many of us will need to lose a few pounds to get in and out of it.  Still, it […]

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We fired up the signs last night and two thirds of them look pretty good.  The monument sign needs a little love, but we’ll get that fixed.  Apparently, the lights inside the sign haven’t functioned at all in at least five years, so I feel lucky to have it work at all.  This one is […]

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You’ll never guess what showed up in Feast’s back yard yesterday, or maybe you will, since I’ve posted a photo of it here.  We’re moving the contents of our walk-in into a refrigerated truck, so that as soon as I finish posting this stuff I can run over to the restaurant to help finish moving […]

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