You’re in the home stretch.

Good morning, Feastlings.
We know you’re scrambling. You have that holiday party to go to for work, and you promised you’d bake cookies with your friend, and you still haven’t found the right gift for so and so. You have to get the house clean because your uncle is coming, and you also have to pick up whatever it is that he likes that you don’t so you don’t have it around the house for him when he gets here.
But you should also think about taking a little time for yourself. We have two events this week: a wine dinner tomorrow with Tommy Oldre of Vineyard Brands, which just may be the perfect way to disconnect a little bit and shift from holiday stress to holiday spirit. Dinner’s at 6:30, Tommy is that rare combination of enjoyable and knowledgeable, and a couple of these wines will go with whatever’s on your holiday table, regardless what’s on your menu. Our menu looks like this, and there’s still time for you to call and get a reservation:

There’s also Kevin’s Saturday tasting, which bears great promise for lovers of rich, wintery reds.

How, you ask, can you take the time to attend these events when you’ve got so much to accomplish? It’s simple: multitask. We’ve go a whole menu of Christmas Eve carryout that’ll be ready for you on the 24th, assuming you order by the end of the day on the 21st. So when you come in for the dinner or the tasting, simply place your order and what would have taken you all day to prepare will be ready for you with heating instructions and you can check that monster responsibility off your to-do list. Here’s that menu.

Plus there’ll be discounts on the wines, so you’ll also be able to grab that hostess gift for the party you have to go to, or you can stop in the shop to pick up some Scotch for the uncle who’s visiting even though you never drink Scotch. And we’d be remiss not to mention there are gift cards to be had as well.

And, speaking of gift cards, I’ll be bringing some with me when I go Friday morning to pester you NPR listeners to make your donation, so if you call in while I’m there (from 8-10 am this Friday, December 13,) you’ll be entered in a drawing to win one of them. That number is 621-1600 if you’re in town, or 1-800-223-7192 if you’re not. Or maybe you don’t listen, in which case this is all superfluous information for you. In which case: sorry.

Regardless, we hope you’ll join us soon, whether it’s to give yourself a break from the holiday whirlwind, or to celebrate with friends and family, to grab a last-minute gift or to commiserate with me over the creeping holiday dread that darkens my soul. Come hang out with us’ we’d love to see you.

Doug and the kind people of Feast

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