Hey, Thanks.

Dearest Feastlings,
I’m not known to be the most positive sort. I’ve been a glass-half-empty guy since I was about six years old, and I’ve always managed to find a reason or two to prepare for the worst. I do believe, however, that in every cynic you’ll find an optimist who got burned early on, and that that optimist still lives quietly in the back of that cynic’s head. Such is the case with me, and every year as I post the Thanksgiving menu while I frantically try to keep all the other plates spinning (you know, like the November menu, and various wine tastings, and all the less glamorous hats I wear,) I do pause for a moment to remind myself that a little gratitude every now and then is a good idea.
So here’s a thank you to the people who work here, past, present and future, and to those who dine here, and to those who supply us with the food and drink we serve, and the equipment we need in order to serve it. We wouldn’t have been here for the past eighteen and a half years without each and every one of you. Thanks a million, everybody.
It’s only fitting, then, that I offer up the Thanksgiving menu here.

Then, as long as I’m at it, I should mention that today begins the November menu,

and that there’s a Thanksgiving-related wine tasting on Saturday.

If you still find that’s not enough, I’m sad to report that the Sherry and cheese tasting is full up,

but that there’s still room at the wine dinner with Drew Voit¬†of Harper Voit.

And now you have a few things to be thankful for yourself- all these menus, and the fact that I don’t usually send you this much stuff in one sitting. Happy Thanksgiving, and thank you all.


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