Thanks again.

Hi there, Feastlings.
All I have to mention to you this week is three little bits of information that could affect your Thanksgiving table. I’ll mention them in chronological order for your holiday convenience.
The first is this week’s wine tasting, a smattering of Zinfandels that won’t beat up your turkey but will charm you and your guests.

The second is a dinner in and of itself, but one whose wines are, in and of themselves, also quite appropriate for your table on the big day.

Drew Voit has made wine at some wineries you may be familiar with. Shea Cellars, for example, or Domaine Serene. The wines he makes with his own name on them are- well, special. We still have room at the dinner if you’d care to join us. Details are at the link above.

The third, of course, is Thanksgiving itself. While we lock the doors here and turn out the lights so our crew can celebrate whatever they’re thankful for with their own friends and families, we do what we hope you will: we pick up Thanksgiving treats from Feast, complete with heating instructions, on Wednesday the 27th, so that on the big day, we can all sleep in, or hang around with whomever is dear to us, and have dinner ready inside an hour instead of devoting a day of thankfulness to something we’re too exhausted to do. We’ll be accepting orders through Sunday the 24th. And not belabor it, but each year, we’re awkwardly forced on Tuesday and Wednesday to give last-minute callers the bad news: any later than Sunday and we simply can’t promise you anything until those who’ve called ahead have gotten their food. Thanks for understanding. The menu, for your perusal, is here, at least through the 24th.

Again, please accept our thanks for being our gracious and kind supporters, members of our goofy but lovable Feast family, and for reading these emails.

Happy holidays from all of your friends at Feast

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