A weekend of wine to get you in shape for holiday consumption

Hello, Feastlings,
I’d guess that by now a number of you know where I stand on the holidays. I’m anti-.
Don’t get me wrong. I understand all the pro-holiday arguments. The brother and sisterhood is great. The good cheer and the love for one’s neighbors is all delightful. The cozy clothes and the warm cocoa are all aspects I enjoy. But when you’re me, you also see the holidays as an onslaught of obligation and crass commercialism, and you need to hide under your pillow and wait for the stampede of holiday mayhem to pass. Failing that, there’s another handy aspect of the holidays, and while I don’t recommend it for everyone, for some of us, the sudden abundance of wine and spirits makes the holiday season a bit more bearable. Being a lightweight myself, if I’m going to get myself to a holiday-tolerating level of beverage, I have to start practicing immediately. If , like me, you require some practice, you may want to visit us this weekend for one or both of our wine tastings. The first is Kevin’s Saturday tasting, a smattering of wines that come from within a hundred miles of Tucson.

The second is hot on the heels of the first one, this Sunday. It’s a part of our Trust Your Importer series, and our friend Lisa d’Adamo arrives with bottles in hand for our Last Sunday of the Month tasting.

What, you say, do you do if you practice so hard that you’re prepared for the sensory overload of the holidays but not for the dinner table? You call and have us make some or all of your Thanksgiving dinner. The last day to order is Sunday, November 24. Order by then and we’ll have your Thanksgiving food all ready for you to pick up, with heating instructions, on Wednesday, November 27th so you can be ready for the 28th without the frantic stress.

Please do avail yourself of all we have to offer this week.

Doug, but truly everyone at Feast

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