More zoom meetings than you can shake a stick at

Dear Feastlings,
When I was a kid, Zoom was a bunch of eleven-year-olds in Boston who wore red and blue striped shirts and had fun, every day, in the most educational way. On public television. i loved it.  Now, evidently, everyone is up to here with zoom. I talked to my friend Tim the other day, who said he’d had five zoom meetings that day, and I’m a bit overloaded myself, fighting with cameras and peripherals for a seat-of-my-pants zoom meeting that we’ve set up for Monday at 6 pm in lieu of the way we’ve done Primavera Cooks for the past 20 years-ish.
It’s now officially too late to order the meal and wine but you’re still welcome to tune in to the zoom meeting and to support the Primavera Foundation however you see fit. If you’ve accidentally deleted the email that David Elliott at Primavera send you, you can find the info for the meeting here– it’ll tell you a little bit about the Primavera Foundation, and a little bit about Primavera Cooks, and I’ll put a link to register for the zoom meeting there, too.

There’s also today’s zoom meeting for the wine tasting. That’s at 2:00, so there’s still time to swing by and pick up samples so you can taste along with us. Here’s the tasting, a prelude to Bastille Day,

and, equally importantly, the menu of Bastille Day specials we’ll be offering on Tuesday:

PLEASE NOTE THAT TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO ORDER YOUR BASTILLE DAY GOODIES. If you order by 7:30 this evening, we’ll have you covered; after that, there may be a few extra servings of this or that, but if you call on Sunday? Or worse yet, on Tuesday? We can’t guarantee that we’ll still have the dish you’d hoped for. Our number, if you need to order immediately, is 326-9363. If you order today, you’re set. If you wait until tomorrow or Tuesday, you’ll be relegated to our regular menu (where at least you’ll still find bouillabaisse.)

See you on the screen.
Your pal,

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