There is beauty in repetition. There is beauty in repetition. There is beauty in repetition.

Hello, Feastlings.
Oddly enough, I don’t have a lot to say today. Go figure. In the meanwhile, though, since it appears everyone’s done the lion’s share of their dining early this week given the Primavera Cooks event (thank you, everyone who joined us) and the Bastille Day menu on Tuesday, I thought we’d remind you that we’re here, and that it’s already the weekend again. So here’s essentially what I wrote yesterday:
There’s a beer and cider tasting tomorrow, one that shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand by wine drinkers, as these beverages have all the subtlety and complexity of wine. Check it out; there’s still time to pick up a set of samples that will easily work for two of you:

Wine drinkers’ beer and cider, and something that’s even more kooky than that.

Then there’s a delivery hub run to the very eastern and northeastern parts of town, as well as the one stop we make in the west, this coming Sunday, July 19.

It’s time for a delivery run to far-flung places again! East and west this week.

Next weekend will see the delivery runs we make to both the northern suburbs (Saturday the 25th) and the southern and southeastern suburbs (Sunday the 26th.) We’ll post about those soon.

Also, on Friday, July 24th, we’ll be feeding the Emergency department, COVID unit and ICU at Tucson Medical Center, and we’re happily and gratefully accepting donations toward that effort they help keep us all employed as well,) large or small, and you can see the details here:

Circling back- donating meals to the crew of front line healthcare workers at TMC

And there’s always just the regular lunch and dinner menu, where we’re continuing to offer your summer requests. Today, for example, there are cinnamon-garlic Manchego cheese fries, which never hurt anyone, at least to my knowledge. Here’s the menu¬†and the number to call is 326-9363. I know you’ve heard this all before, but it never hurts to remind you we’d love to make you something delicious. And besides, there’s beauty in repetition.

Your repetitive friend,


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