I know it’s only Tuesday, but from here on out, it’s denouement to us.

Good morning, Feastlings,
I’ve spent the morning on various debriefings from last night’s Primavera Cooks virtual dinner, which went nearly as well as I’d hoped, with some minor glitches but nothing that we didn’t learn from in order to do this more effectively next time. In fact, I think the dinner paved the way for the possible return of the Last Sunday wine tasting, with fancier wines and food pairings, and I dare say we may start some cookalongs. Perhaps you’d pick up some premeasured ingredients and join me in your respective kitchens while we make a dish- it’ll require some thought and some engineering, but I’m game if you are.

Today is, you may recollect, Bastille Day, and while a preorder was required to guarantee you your French-style dishes, we’ll undoubtedly have a few more servings of this and that (and the bouillabaisse is on the regular menu anyhow, so you can always order that) and every French wine on the list is going home with you at 10% off the retail price, which is already twelve bucks less than the menu price. Give us a couple of hours to determine what we’ll have more of, but for now there’s plenty of bouillabaisse and pissaladiere to be had. The menu, including a link to the French wines, is here.

Tomorrow, things will return to (new) normal, with a small caveat: the wine tasting this Saturday is in fact a beer and cider tasting. Before you wine drinkers dismiss it, these are most assuredly wine drinkers’ beers and ciders- complex and nuanced and full of charming quirks, and built to withstand being served when it’s 110 degrees outside. We’re excited to have Graham Haverfield of B. United- the importer of these fine products- joining us on the zoom tasting to tell us all about this stuff. The tasting is in one respect more expensive than usual: it’s $25 plus tax and tip instead of $12.50, but this caveat has a caveat/ Each bottle (the first three tastes are in their bottles) will be a handy taster for two people, and for another five-spot you can get an additional sample of the Pommeau, a cider and apple brandy concoction you’d hate to miss. Here are the details.

There’s also the regular menu from which to order, which is here.


And we’re still working on our next run to various delivery hubs throughout the greater Tucson area, which you’ll learn about soon, assuming we figure them out soon (I feel bullish on this one.) Meanwhile, keep yourselves healthy and happy in air-conditioned comfort, and come visit to pick up something delicious when you feel moved to do so.

Oh, and when I told you all about Zoom the other day, I forgot to include this:

Joe and Tommy’s Boston accents slay me; they make me realize I need to call my friend Jeff Azersky at Kingfisher.

Doug, and your numerous other friends at Feast

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