A cascade of peripherals

Dear Feastlings,
The past few days have been occupied by my trying to figure out how we’ll accomplish a couple of meager cooking demos when we do our stilted version of Primavera Cooks, the benefit event we’ve been doing each year for the Primavera Foundation since its inception, or ours, or really before ours if you count the recipes I put in their cookbook in the early and mid-nineties when I was working at Boccata and the Dish. The event is this Monday, the 13th of July, and here’s a little bit about it.

If nothing else, it’ll be amusing to watch me try to navigate all the cords and adapters and nonsense that I’ve been receiving in the mail the past few days. I know it’s petty of me to order all of it through the internet rather than support SWS, but if you’re one of our guests who’s had a car locked in their parking lot and the towing company called on them, you’ll understand why I don’t have a particularly neighborly feeling toward our next door neighbor. And with any luck you’ll then understand my decision to opt for the lesser of two evils and buy all the odds and ends we need for this clumsy first attempt at a webinar from the web. Just know that in spite of the way I’m shopping, it’s done with the intention of doing good for the community. There are other things going on here in the near future as well, like Saturday’s wine tasting,¬†which is a prelude to Bastille Day,and that menu looks pretty tasty, I must say. Meanwhile, tomorrow is a delivery run to both Banner University and Saint Mary’s Hospital crews, and you’re welcome and encouraged to donate a meal or a few bucks to a front line hospital worker. We’re trying to scare up 220 meal donations, whereupon we’ll donate an additional 55 meals ourselves, and any overage of donations will be rolled into the next batch of donated meals to yet another group of front line workers.

And that, my friends, for now at least, is that. You’re always welcome to order from our regular menu, which we’re continuing to offer for both pickup an delivery. Here’s a link to that, and our phone number is 326-9363, at which number any of us can help you with any of the above.

Thank you all, like nobody’s business. You make us all feel lucky in a really difficult time.

Now I’m going to work on this camera/audio nonsense.


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