We know you can go out now, but why on earth would you want to?

Dear Feastlings,
Virus or not, it’s going to be 106 degrees out tomorrow, and not much better this weekend. Mercifully, we’re prepared to make it that much easier for you to enjoy an activity, complete with tasty beverage AND social time, all while remaining sequestered in air conditioned comfort. We still have a bottle or two of the wines for Kent Callaghan and Todd Bostock’s #digitalwineresearch tomorrow, and you can grab a bite to eat while you’re here picking up the wine.


Saturday, you can be indoors as the sun beats down on the unprepared while you taste and learn about wine at our 2:00 zoom tasting, for which we still have a great abundance of samples.

And Sunday, even if you live as far away as Green Valley, Feast will bring you food and wine, or some of our tasty new beers (Hitachino red rice ale made with sake yeast? Yes, please.) We even have the special figured out for Sunday- you can see the whole menu, including the specials, here, but if you need to figure out where your nearest delivery hub is and what time we’ll be there with your treats, you can find that information here.

And there’ll be more to discover soon enough- our June menu, our next donation delivery and our budding plans for a benefit for the Primavera Foundation are all in the works and you’ll find out about them soon. Now hurry up and go nowhere.



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