LIghten up, dude.

Dear Feastlings,
Even though it was already getting warm when the pandemic shut everybody down, we figured you wanted what we wanted: comfort in the form of food. Now, though, that we’ve all (or at least most) put on a few pandemic pounds, we thought we’d lighten up the menu a bit, so keep your eyes peeled next week for some lighter dishes when the menu changes Tuesday. I’m in the home stretch of writing the June menu, and you’ll see some dishes from the past on this one as well as some new stuff, but as your summer requests come trickling in, I’m giving some of the more popular dishes a space on the actual menu, while others- particularly those that don’t travel so well- will be relegated to guest star status. But you’ll have to stay tuned for the June menu- it’ll be my little secret until Tuesday. Still, I’m happy to collect your menu requests, which will be peppered through the menu all summer long. The menu as it stands has some fairly delicious specials on it tonight- fennel-crusted Ora King salmon with bee pollen beets, sorrel butter and lentils, as well as pan-roasted duck breast with pickled green peaches, sesame-scallion rice pancakes and plum sauce. You can check it all out here.

We also have wine handy for Kent and Todd’s tasting as we do each week, and samples for our own tasting this Saturday.

And by tomorrow, we’ll know what specials we can offer alongside the rest of the menu for our delivery run down south (but also southeast) this Sunday.

Looking forward to hearing from you, and to eating something a little lighter. I do plan on losing a significant chunk of quarantine weight when I finally do get a haircut, but in the meanwhile, there are a few lighter dishes to be had already, soon to be followed by more. Thanks, everyone.

Your buddy,


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