Come back, Lark.

Good day, Feastlings.
Before anything, I want to thank Christina, who I hope is on the email list, for calling in to the 1A to tell people what Feast is doing so that they’d include it on their Acts of Kindness segment yesterday. We’re at a point where every additional pair of eyes or ears we get in front of is a tremendous gift.
Two months ago, the whole pandemic was different for everyone- for us, it was scary but not insurmountable; for some, it was already loss and grief from the very first; for some, it was almost an intriguing experiment, a lark with only the thinnest veil of darkness. While it’s still different for everyone, I think the ripples are reaching farther, and for those who found it different but not threatening, it’s maybe taking on more serious undertones. Initially, we were bowled over by the support you’ve all offered. We still are. But we’re also watching people who used to come inside to pick up their food start opting for curbside pickup. We’re seeing people wear masks rather than stroll in and simply keep their distance (thanks for that, by the way.) We’re seeing people order a little less often than they were, or maybe grab a $15 bottle of wine instead of a $30 bottle. And we get it. We’re all wondering a bit more now what’s going to happen next. Sure, there are still those who are running in to a big box store to grab something, children in tow, maskless and unconcerned, and it could very well be that they’re right not to worry. We can’t see what we can’t see.
Feast, though, is a cautious creature. We opened our doors on a shoestring 19 years ago and grew like a calf, awkward on spindly legs, until we became the fat cow we are today, always slow and cautious as our bovine metaphor. So for now, we’ll continue laying low, and lowing, until we see how things shake out. So far, 119 new cases of COVID in Pima County in the past three days, which means this groundhog (pardon the mixed metaphor) is going back underground and sticking with takeout and delivery for the foreseeable future.  This admittedly means very little, since foreseeable only means a day or so at this point. Mostly what I’m saying here is that it’s a great time, those of you for whom this is still only slightly or moderately terrifying, to support an independent business in your actual or virtual neighborhood. Pick one out and throw that cow or groundhog a bone.

The important things to note for today are:

-we still have crispy duck salad on the menu for the aforementioned foreseeable future. The rest of the menu is here;

-we still have a few bottles handy for those of you participating in #digitalwineresearch with Kent and Todd;

-we’re pouring tastes and readying them for you as we speak for our own wine tasting this Saturday at 2:00;

-we’re doing a delivery run to the north and northwest just in time for Memorial Day;

-and we’re delivering on Tuesday to eight different departments at St. Joseph’s Hospital. We hope you or someone you know can be a part of honoring these people.

And that, as they say, is that. For today, anyhow.  Give us a buzz at 326-9363.  We’d love to hear from you.


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