The next few days at Feast

Dear Feastlings,
I can’t tell whether I’m punchy from eight weeks of nights even more sleepless than a restaurateur normally experiences, or whether I’m just feeling really good after dropping food off to the amazingly kind and appreciative people at the VA Hospital, or whether the new bunch of donations that came in today for the next delivery are making me see humanity in a much rosier light than when I read the news. Whatever it is, thank you. All of you.
As I mentioned, we’ll keep doing the deliveries as long as people keep donating- I’m already talking to someone at St. Joseph’s- but we’re also aware that there are throngs of other people in need of recognition and food as well, so I’ll be keeping you all posted as we diversify our donated meal program. I want to keep this transparent to the best of my ability so I’ll remind you all here that our motive is twofold: we want to contribute as much as we’re able to this community, and we’ve been making our own contribution each time we make a delivery run like we made today (60 of today’s 287 meals came from Feast,) but in the interest of full disclosure, we’re also doing this to keep our staff gainfully employed and to keep Feast from becoming a 5600-square-foot paperweight.
So after a note from one of you, I’m realizing that we also want to keep supporting the causes we’ve supported for the past 19 years, be they education, or arts, or health, or homelessness, or animal welfare, or our neighborhood, or safety, or public media, or small business, or furloughed restaurant workers, or furloughed any other kind of workers. And that’s just a part of the list- remember, I’m punchy, so if I didn’t name what’s dear to you, it doesn’t mean we don’t support it. And what I’m hoping is that, as we start moving into supporting other organizations, each new group will spark something in a different person. Maybe you’ll be inclined to donate if you haven’t before, or maybe you’ll know someone to whom a particular cause is especially dear and you’ll forward an email or post it on your social media, and someone else will contribute and we’ll get to stay open for that much longer. So keep your eyes peeled. I’ve already got something brewing and as soon as I’m able, I’ll tell you about it.

Meanwhile, here’s what coming up at Feast:

Today and tomorrow, we’ll be taking orders for our delivery run to parts east, northeast and west on Saturday. If you don’t want to make the trip to Feast but you’ve got a hankering for a lobster bread pudding or the like, you can find details here about our various delivery hubs and what time you can meet us there.  You can place your order all the way up to 7:30 tomorrow night, and there are even a couple of dishes listed on the menu that will be available as specials for the Saturday delivery run.

If you don’t feel comfortable making a sortie but you live fairly near one of the hubs, for a few extra bucks our drivers can bring food and drink to your doorstep. You’ll see details at the link above.

If you’re at one of the early stops, we may even be able to bring you samples for Saturday’s wine tasting, if you’re participating in that. We’ll be tasting Chardonnay from the New World, and there’s a broad assortment of styles in spite of what you’ve by now come to regard as New World Chardonnay. There’s more variety than you might have convinced yourself.
In the event you can’t wait until Saturday to sniff and swirl and spit (or not,) we also keep Callaghan and Dos Cabezas wines handy for their weekly tasting, #digitalwineresearch, which happens tomorrow.

And of course, we’re still open Tuesday through Sunday with our regular menu and wine list (or beer, or even cocktails) and we’d love you to order something for pickup or delivery. the menu is here and the number to call to place your order is 326-9363. Thank you, as ever, for your unwavering support, your kind words and your neighborly smiles that we’re learning to discern by your eyes, even with a mask over your pearly whites.

Your friend,


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