Even if, technically speaking, it isn’t? It’s summer.

Dear Feastlings,

I’m not clear on how I do it- after all the summers I’ve spent here I can still find myself surprised at how Tucson clears out, at how we find ourselves in a town thick with heat even weeks before summer makes its official debut. It is, however, the case. I’ve been blindsided again. As hundreds of you have pulled up stakes and headed back to your summer digs, and others have at the very least made a beeline for beaches in San Diego or Mexico, those of you who are here this week will at least find yourselves facing no traffic snarls or long lines anyplace.

It’s the perfect opportunity for an air-conditioned visit to Feast today to taste wines that hail from the Southern hemisphere

The world is upside down

And you can join us here, or on Zoom, but either way, you should give us a buzz at (520) 326-9363 to have us set aside a tasting for you. It’s also quiet enough that the reservations you couldn’t get on the same day you were dining only a month ago are suddenly available, so if you’re in no mood to heat up your kitchen and you’ve already got cabin fever from staying in out of the heat, you’re likely to be able to set something up with us, even this afternoon. I’ll note that for some reason our website appears to be running painfully slowly this morning, and I hope that will be resolved quite soon, so I’ll save you a little trouble and post not only this login information for those of you joining the tasting today by Zoom,

Topic: The world is upside down
Time: Jun 4, 2022 02:00 PM Arizona

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 863 4244 6576
Passcode: 246913

But also a link to our reservation page so you don’t sit there as frustrated as I currently am, waiting for a page to load.

Whatever the case, if you’re not elsewhere on a beach or mountain getaway, or anywhere, frankly, that it’s under 95 degrees, there are advantages: of course, there’s the that lack of traffic or need for prior planning to do just about anything in Tucson, but there are also some summertime wine deals at Feast- if you have a bottle with dinner that you find so delicious you’d like to take a second one home, we’ll knock off the corkage and you’ll be drinking for retail price at dinner (I recently saw for $125 on another restaurant’s wine list a bottle that was on our list for $60, which would have dropped to only $48 under the aforementioned circumstance.) We’re also taking ten percent off any six bottles you buy to take home, mix and match, barring those bottles that are already discounted for one reason or another, and fifteen percent off a mixed or matched case. So even if you don’t come to dinner, you can still get a deal that you can take back and hole up in your air-conditioned paradise until your own vacation rolls around.

We’re still shut on Sundays for the time being, but inching closer- two steps forward, one step back- to being able to reopen, and at the very least we’ll come in and make some special dishes on Father’s Day regardless of the overall Sunday situation. We’ll also send out the new menu on Tuesday, with Father’s Day and a special Bonfires of San Juan menu hot on its heels. But come join us- we’d love to see you.

Your friends at Feast

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