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Dear Feastlings,

We’re still in the process of replacing and training- two more of our relatively new hires have already indicated they’ll be leaving us- one for an as-yet-undetermined period of time, the other for a new industry that’s also desperately short-handed. And so our Sundays remain, for the moment, dark. Saturdays, on the other hand, are wide open, and since today will get up into the mid-nineties, I offer my recommendation: come taste wine with us. Today’s tasting has room in it, both in-person or with ample time to pick up samples and sequester yourself back at home. The tasting promises to be fun and refreshing, and features all wines that come from their original home.


and you can log in here if you’re joining us from without:

Topic: Indigenous
Time: May 21, 2022 02:00 PM Arizona

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 873 0097 5374
Passcode: 864284

You can call us to add yourself to either version of the tasting at (520) 326-9363. Whether we manage to reopen Sundays by next week remains to be seen- much like everything else in the world right now, we’re perched atop a brodingnagian question mark. Will the pea shoots and tendrils we were promised three days ago arrive today? Will the new saute and pantry cooks we’ve hired show up? Will someone else give notice today? It all remains to be seen, along with whatever doubts are plaguing each of you in your respective worlds.

Our current plan, though, is still to donate our ten thousandth meal next week, and we’re grateful for the remarkable help you’ve been, not only feeding people who need the meal or who deserve an acknowledgment of the work they do, but also keeping our ragtag band of the people who’ve stuck it out at Feast throughout the mess of the past two years and change. Thank you all for that, from all of us at Feast and from the people we’ll be feeding this week at the Sister Jose Women’s Center and the Primavera Men’s Shelter:

It took us a little longer than we’d expected, but May 27th will be a day we’re proud of.

And there’ll be the rest of it as well- we’ll still change the menu a week from Tuesday (hello, roasted strawberry shortcake,) and we’ll still do the Last Sunday wine tasting (yes, even if we’re closed on Sundays- I’ll still come in and do the tasting by Zoom,) and we’ll continue to offer you the best food and drink we can muster until it all shakes out and we reach a tolerable level of normalcy.

See you soon.



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