Dear Feastlings,

Remember this sound?

I’m trying to put links in today’s email for our wine tasting

The Unexpected Rose

and for our menu of Father’s Day specials

Father’s Day specials

and as of 10:00 am, I feel like dialup might have been quicker. The pages are taking about six or seven minutes to load, which, when we were all using dialup, might have felt acceptable, though these days, less so. Our web host, DreamHost, is a dream from which I wake up in a cold sweat, wondering if people will be able to access the site, make a reservation, or read my tedious, whiny emails.

It would be okay if we all had time, but today we’ve got much to accomplish for the Primavera Cooks dinner

that will occupy most of the restaurant tonight (though we did save a few extra seats who want to come in and dine from our regular menu. Meanwhile, I hope our webhost gains a little momentum and you can access the links I included here before the day is over. Fingers crossed.

Your pal,


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