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Past Wine

Thanks…you’re making me Blush.

Dear Feastlings, Kevin is back in the saddle this Saturday with four pink wines that have Thanksgiving written all over them (one of them even has bubbles in it!)  Whether it’s turkey you’re serving, or  scads of hors d’oeuvres, these wines are perfect for entertaining friends, family- even the people you grudgingly invite out of […]

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A fondness for Italy

Hello, Feastlings. Kevin’s taking a breather this Saturday, so Doug will be waxing rhapsodic about the wines that are dear to his heart: four wines from Italy (three reds and a white that even red-drinkers will adore.)  We’ll be following our normal protocols: the tasting is this Saturday, October 31, at 2:00 pm, it’s ten […]

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Greece and Turkey

Dear Feastlings, People often think of France as wine’s home, and of ancient Rome as wine’s birthplace, but they forget that it was Greeks who brought viticulture to Italy.  This month, we’ll open up six wines from Greece and Turkey, and it’s an exciting opportunity: You’ll taste varietals you seldom see in the U.S., from […]

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Clean, Crisp and Lean

Dear Feastlings, Though the past two days have been no indication, our meteorologist friends are predicting that by this Saturday’s wine tasting, temperatures will bounce back into the high 80’s and sunshine will abound.  With this in mind, Kevin’s got crisp, clean whites out once more for your tasting pleasure.  The tasting is this Saturday, […]

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Van Duzer Wine Dinner with Peter Keenan

Van Duzer wine dinner at Feast with Peter Keenan Thursday, October 22, 2015 6:30 pm Potato crisp with chicken liver mousse, curried cauliflower purée and a wild Mexican shrimp. 2013 Van Duzer Riesling, Willamette Valley Salmon “Sandwich”: Roasted beet soufflé, sandwiched between slices of New Zealand King Salmon, served over wild mushrooms with hoisin. 2012 […]

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Far from Napa

Hi, Feastlings, There’s a reason Napa has ensconced itself as one of the foremost wine-growing regions in the world: it produces excellent fruit.  It’s also monumentally expensive.  This week, Kevin reminds us that delicious wines come from elsewhere in California as well, and they don’t carry the Napa price tag.  If you’d like to join […]

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It’s Springtime there.

Dear Feastlings, As temperatures here have dropped precipitously (thank you, Universe,) Kevin reminds us that our friends in the Southern hemisphere are  just now watching for budbreak.  This Saturday, he pulls out four wines that were harvested in our Springtime, and you’re welcome and encouraged to come partake of them.  How to go about it? […]

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“Med, he said.”

Dear Wine Tasters, This Saturday, Kevin offers up four wines from the Mediterranean, which, as it happens, is home to many of the varietals that grow quite happily here in Southern Arizona.  Not that any of these wines are local- they’re the real deal from France and Sicily. If you feel like tasting them, give […]

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Dear Feastlings, There’s wine, and then there’s wine.  Sure, there’s that tasty twelve-dollar bottle- the blend of Zinfandel and Syrah and Sangiovese that was basically the leftover odds and ends that a winemaker threw together to make palatable and keep from wasting any of the juice left after the more important single-varietal bottlings, and there’s […]

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A case of mistaken identity

Good Day, Feastlings. This week Kevin helps tease apart two light-bodied red varietals that have been confused with one another quite often over the course of decades.  Whatever the history, though, the wines are delicious, light-bodied reds that are the harbingers of fall.  Hooray for red wine, and hooray, more importantly, for the weather that […]

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