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Past Wine

So Very Sonoma

Hello, Wine Tasters. This week, Kevin opens up bottles from Megan’s old stomping grounds, Sonoma, CA.  While we’re all fans of some of the smaller, more out-of-the-way appellations, it’s important to remember that there’s a reason that Sonoma County is right up there with Napa as a premier wine-producing region in the United States.  The […]

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Agreeable Pinot Grigios

Hello, kind Feastlings. This Saturday, Kevin offers up Pinot Grigio (or Pinot Gris, depending on your accent.)  Three of them hail from northern Italy, and one from Oregon, but most importantly, they’re all really good wine, especially for the price.  The tasting begins this Saturday, June 6, at 2:00 pm, and there’ll be snacks besides. […]

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Dos Cabezas with winemaker Todd Bostock

Good day, Feastlings, Do you know Todd and Kelly Bostock?  They’re your neighbors, just down the road in Elgin, and as luck would have it, they’ve got vineyards chockablock with fruit, and apart from being excellent viticulturists, Todd’s also an impressive winemaker with a talent for blending.  If you haven’t tasted Arizona wines for a […]

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Stranger than Fiction

Hi there, Feastlings. This Saturday’s tasting features wines that are all strange in one way or another.  Mostly, they’re varietals you don’t see every day, though one is just a wine you’ve seen many times before with a nomenclature you’re not used to, and in a style you probably don’t see all that often either. […]

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Break out the Barbecue

Hello, Wine Lovers. With the weather warming back up, our thoughts turn to grilling, and Kevin’s thoughts turn to, well, wines that go with what you’re grilling.  Red, white, and pink wines make for a great, grill-friendly lineup this week, and it’s only $10 plus tax and tip.  You may or may not recall that […]

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When the weather warms up, be start bringing out the white mines more and more frequently, Feastlings. So this week Kevin proposes that you taste four different Chardonnays, each with a distinctly different style and terroir.  The tasting is Saturday the 9th at 2:00 pm, and to reserve a place, you’ll need to call 326-9363, […]

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Springboard to Summer

Hello, Feastlings. This week Kevin opens the lid on summer with four wines- a white and a Rosé that belong in your refrigerator and two reds that belong in your cellar for those chillier days when it dips down below 95°.  The tasting is this Saturday, May 2,  at 2:00, and for a mere $10, you […]

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April’s Last Sunday Tasting: Rhônes of our Own

Good day, Feastlings, While we here at Feast enjoy wines of all stripes, if I had to choose specific varietals to be in the running for Staff Favorites, it would have to be the varietals who spring from the Rhône River Valley.  With such a broad spectrum of styles and textures, we’re smitten with the […]

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Med Reds

Hello, Feastlings. This Saturday features wines from the sun-soaked Mediterranean.  They’re all red, and they’re all ripe, but each has its own distinct character.  The easiest way to compare and contrast them all, of course, is to come to the tasting.  Bring along ten dollars plus tax and tip to Feast at 2:00 pm this […]

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The Four Amigos

Greetings, Feastlings. This week’s tasting features Bordeaux’s South American friends.  As it happens, Bordeaux varietals are quite content to grow in South American soil, so this week, Kevin offers up Bordeaux varietals grown in Argentina and Chile.  These are all red, all delicious, and all markedly more affordable than their Bordelaise cousins.  The tasting is […]

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