Wine Dinners

Occasionally, we’re graced with a winemaker or winery representative who’s passing through Tucson. When they do, we’ll highlight their wines with a special dinner of four or five courses with a guest speaker- a winemaker, an importer or a winery representative. Watch this space to know about upcoming dinners, or make it easier on yourself by subscribing to our email list.

Past Wine Dinner

Rosenthal Wine Merchant Dinner with Joanie Karapetian

If there's one importer that ties it all together and effectively blurs the line between those of us who are complete wine geeks and those who just like a really good glass of wine, it's Rosenthal Wine Merchant.  And if there's one person who exemplifies that experience in corporeal form, it's Joanie Karapetian.  This is your big chance.

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Louis/Dressner tasting with Josefa Concannon

We usually relegate our wine tastings to the last Sunday of the month, and once in a while, a winemaker or an importer trots through Tucson and we’re lucky enough to pick that person’s brain in the fleeting moments they’re here in town. This one will have healthy pours and small plates.

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Tablas Creek wine dinner with Darren Delmore

Darren Delmore of Tablas Creek Vineyard blows into town with four delicious wines in tow, and you’re invited to taste these remarkable wines from the brains and hands of the Haas family of Vineyard Brands here in the United States, and the Perrin family of Château de Beaucastel in the Rhône Valley.

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Ken Wright Cellars wine dinner with Asa Sarver

Time was, in the not-so-distant past, Feast would be lucky to score a six-pack of any of Ken Wright's single-vineyard wines.  Since Ken Wright hung out his winemaking shingle (for the third time) at his eponymous winery- after making wine at Talbott in the Santa Lucia Highlands and starting Panther Creek in the Willamette Valley- Ken Wright has been focused on making Pinot Noir that's reflective of its origin. 

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Arizona Wine Dinner with Todd Bostock of Dos Cabezas WineWorks and Kent Callaghan of Callaghan Vineyards

Dear Feastlings, When Spanish Jesuit missionaries came to Arizona in the 16th century, they planted grapes for their sacramental wine, and likely some for enjoyment as well.  That said, as late as the 1980’s, 400 years hadn’t necessarily improved the quality available amongst Arizona wines too significantly.  Long have wine aficionados turned up their figurative […]

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Ethica Wines dinner with Paolo Bressan

Every now and again, we get the chance to put on a wine dinner with some really good wines.  And once in a while, there's a clever and knowledgeable sort who puts on a dinner with us.  What's more, we occasionally get to do a dinner with wines that have an excellent quality-to-price ratio.  It's not often, however, that we get all three in one dinner.

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