Mary Taylor’s coming to town

Dear Feastlings,

When Randall Grahm showed up for a wine dinner, it was a big deal.  The original Rhône Ranger gracing your dining room is pretty cool.  Curt Schalchlin of Sans Liege? Same thing.  When a cult winemaker stops in, people’s ears prick up.  Seldom, though, does the cult of personality thing happen with an importer.  People have a respect for what they do, for sure, but over the past few years, people have become more and more accustomed to being able to pull the cork on one of the white label wines that Mary brings in from France, or Spain, or Italy and discovering not only excellent wine, but excellent wine at a huge value.  We recognized it long ago, and have been sharing her wines with you, but when Eric Asimov sang her praises in his piece in the New York Times, Mary Taylor’s notoriety exploded.  It’s already filling up, but there are still a handful of seats if you’d like to join Mary and the rest of us to talk about wine from small, authentic wineries that make wine for people, not for stacking up at the front of a Big Box wine retailer and not caring a whit whether you like it or ever buy it again.  Dinner begins at 6 pm on Tuesday, March 15, and we’re tickled to have the honor of pairing our food with these exceptional wines.


Mary Taylor wine dinner at Feast


Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Korean fried chicken on an apple cider waffle with chili-infused honey and roasted tomato cream.

2020 Rémi Larroque “Gaillacoise” Petillant Naturel (Mauzac,) Methode Ancestrale

Sandwich of trout almondine and pear on choux pastry.

2020 Domain Passy le Clou Petit Chablis AOC

House-made boudin noir with pomegranate potato hash and crumbled goat cheese.

2019 Sophie Siadou Valençay AOC

Inside-out beef and mushroom omelette with stone soup demiglace.

2018 Jean-Marc Barthez Bordeaux Rouge

A little something sweet for dessert.


$90 plus tax and gratuity

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