Wine dinner with David Rossi of Fulcrum Winery

Hello, Feastlings.

One of the perks of living in southern Arizona is that winemakers from California, Oregon and Washington favor it here when it’s time to escape after the stresses of harvest and crush.  A lot of them have family here, and David Rossi is no exception.  We sweet-talked him into working through a portion of his next visit to town, and he’s bringing with him four really exceptional wines, plus a little surprise, and we’re so happy about it that we’ve made a special menu to serve alongside his wines.  You’re welcome and encouraged to come meet David, hang out with him, and with us, and make an evening out of it- good wine, good food and and good company.  We’ll ring the dinnerbell at 6:00 pm on Wednesday, December 8th, and you’ll get to learn a little something about the winery and the wines, and of course about David as well.  You can make your reservation by calling us at 326-9363.  Bring an appetite for food, a thirst for wine, and for knowledge as well.  Remember, we’re still operating at a limited capacity for your comfort and safety, so it’s likely to fill up.  Call sooner than later.  Want to know what the menu looks like?  It’s thus:


Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Fig leaf Bavarois with house-cured salmon, savory pear jam
and red shiso.

2019 Fulcrum Gewürztraminer, Anderson Valley

Duck stew with mushrooms, parsnips and aromatic vegetables, with oil-cured olives.

2019 Fulcrum “Gap’s Crown” Pinot Noir, Petaluma Gap

Mocha-braised pork with Savory coconut milk bread pudding, wilted spinach and tempura haricots verts.

2019 Fulcrum “RJB” Red Blend, Napa Valley

Grilled beef medallion wrapped in kola nut duck liver mousse and smoked Anaheim chili with berry glaze and leek “straw.”

2019 Fulcrum “Landy Vineyard” Petite Sirah, Russian River Valley

A little something sweet for dessert

$100 plus tax and gratuity

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