Mrs. Ogmore-Pritchard’s Feast

Dear Feastlings and Rogues,

A number of you may recall a dinner about a year ago, one in which we recreated, to the best of our ability, and with some poetic license, Babette’s Feast, in tandem with the Rogue Theatre’s run of the Isak Dinesen play.  It was a benefit dinner for the Rogue, and not an inexpensive one, as the dinner was loaded with truffles and foie gras and caviar and Clos de Vougeot.  They asked us to join forces with them again, as people who enjoy one another, and as local enterprises who weathered the worst of the pandemic, and who bonded over being some of the more severely affected businesses at the time.

“Without question,” we said, and while Under Milk Wood and Babette’s Feast are rather different bits of literature and theatre, Dylan Thomas’ play (radio play, originally) is riddled- or peppered, rather- with food references.  So we’ve put together a menu with our friends at the Rogue, and next Sunday, January 21st, we’ll offer a spread of Welsh delicacies, which are admittedly more rustic than Babette Hersant’s handiwork in Babette’s Feast.  It’s an early dinner, one served on the heels of the 2:00 pm matinee performance, so if you’d like to join us at 5:00 pm, we’ll be here, on a Sunday, solely for the event.  Our regular menu will not be served- we’re here exclusively for the Rogue and this special dinner, for which we’ve procured some obscure ingredients and beverages, and for which you can’t make reservations through us; you have to do it through the Rogue Theatre’s ticketing site, so here’s a link:


The menu served will look like this, and proceeds will benefit the Rogue:

Charcoal Biscuits with Collier’s Cheddar
Ale, Stout or lemon rind tea

Laverbread Cakes- Cakes Made of “Welshman’s caviar”
Turnip Gin Cocktail

Bubble & Squeak with Kippered Herring (mashed potatoes simmered with cabbage and sausage, with kippered herring on top)
Onions Boiled in their Overcoats with Broth of Spuds and Bacon Rind and Leeks
Watercress Salad
Ale, Stout or wine

Brandyballs, Whippets, Currant Scones, and Quince Jam with Clotted Cream
Port, Sherry, Penderyn Single Malt Welsh Whisky, or lemon rind tea


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