Sunday Wine Tastings

Our Sunday wine tastings only occur on the last Sunday of each month, at 3:30 pm. Unlike our Saturday tastings, there are six wines rather than four, the wines have a broader range of quality and price, and each wine is accompanied by an amuse-bouche that’s specially made to compliment the wine. Again, reservations are required, and web and email reservations will not guarantee you a seat, to please make your reservation by calling (520) 326-9363.

Past Sunday Wine Tasting

Rhônes and their New World counterparts

We love Rhônes.  The dense, juicy reds of the south, the spare but muscular reds of the north, and the clean but floral whites from up and down the river all make us happy.  As it turns out, we're not the only ones, and the Rhône  has its share of New World imitators.  But imitation, you'll remember, is the sincerest form of flattery.

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You’d never guess.

Did you every get a bottle of wine that you felt sure you knew what you'd be getting, only to discover it was dramatically different from what you thought? These are those wines. In good way, though. In a really good way.

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Family-owned Wineries

In our ever-shrinking world, why would you drink corporate wine that tastes like the corporate wine from over the next hill? Come sample wines of character and charm and individuality with us this Sunday.

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Our friend Mike Galkin is excited- he's already got maps and stories printed up so you leave this tasting better informed about Rioja than you were when you walked in. Make your reservation and we'll make you six snacks to go with the six tastes we save for you.

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Trust Your Importer: the Sorting Table

Every now and again, in an effort to help you make informed decisions, we taste the wines of a single importer we admire so that when you find a wine you're unfamiliar with, looking at that back label can help you choose a wine you can trust, even when you don't know the wine itself.

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Pinots of the World

In addition to our Saturday wine tastings, we step it up on the last Sunday of each month and host a tasting of six wines, some a little fancier than others, and offer food pairings alongside the wines.  This month we’re joined by our old friend Dylan Higgins.

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Stranger than Fiction

We know which wine tastings will sell out.  The jaunts around Italy have their fan base; there’s no shortage of supporters of the wines of Southern France; the Willamette and the Napa Valleys each have their disciples, though admittedly there’s not much overlap there.  This month, we thought it was time you’d tasted wines from places you’d written off.

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Trust Your Importer, with Paul Rickert of Enotec

Paul Rickert has long been a buddy of Feast’s.  As a brand manager at one of our distributors for years, we’ve always admired his palate and his wine knowledge, as well as his charm, but when he partnered up with one of our long-time favorite importers of Italian wine, Enotec, the whole was greater than the sum of its parts.

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