Sunday Wine Tastings

Our Sunday wine tastings only occur on the last Sunday of each month, at 3:30 pm. Unlike our Saturday tastings, there are six wines rather than four, the wines have a broader range of quality and price, and each wine is accompanied by an amuse-bouche that’s specially made to compliment the wine. Again, reservations are required, and web and email reservations will not guarantee you a seat, to please make your reservation by calling (520) 326-9363.

Past Sunday Wine Tasting

From where you least expect it

On the last Sunday of each month we pick six wines that have something in common and offer you tastes, alongside of which we serve food pairings tailored to each wine.  This month, Mike Galkin of Action Wine joins us.

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Volcanic Vino

It's a fine line between poor taste and being topical, so we're hoping that in spite of the Big Island's woes, the tasting that we decided to do weeks ago when it was a less serious situation still falls under "topical" rather than "in poor taste." Our friend and erstwhile dining room manager-turned-wine-rep leads a tasting of wines that all hail from volcanic soil of one type or another, from regions around the world.

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A romp around Italy with Greg Croisetiere

Hello, Feastlings. Say what you will about France’s contribution to the world of wine (and you’ll justifiably say quite a bit,) the Franks and the Gauls weren’t exactly renowned for their viticulture.  Wine came to France from its neighbor to the south.  We’d guess you’re okay with that, since the only sort of tasting that […]

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The whites you might not know

As our winter friends begin to drift back to their summer haunts and the day gets a teensy bit warmer, our thoughts turn to white wines- a little cleaner and lighter, a little lower alcohol so we can maybe have that afternoon glass when the thermometer hits 80° and not doze off before dinner's on the table.

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Trust Your Importer- Brazos Wine Imports

Hello, Feastlings. This month’s Last Sunday tasting is here to show you the great strides that have been made in South American winemaking in recent years.  Remember when all you could expect from that Chilean wine in the grocery store was that it wouldn’t break the bank and wouldn’t impress a soul?  Those days are […]

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Loosen Brothers

This month's Last Sunday tasting offers up mostly German stuff, but not everyone knows that Loosen Brothers  also has interests in French and domestic wineries as well, namely Roche de Bellene and J. Christopher.

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Trust Your Importer- Kermit Lynch

If you're ever remotely in doubt about a bottle of Old World wine you're inspecting, but you've never tasted it, turn the bottle around.  Does it say "Imported by Kermit Lynch?" You've just virtually guaranteed yourself an exceptional experience.  Come find out why

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Trust Your Importer- Folio Wine Group

This month we'll be getting a visit from Lisa d'Adamo of Folio Wine Group.  Every now and again we try to remind our guests that the overwhelming world of wines from abroad is a lot more navigable when you learn that there are importers out there whose wines you trust.

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