Sunday Wine Tastings

Our Sunday wine tastings only occur on the last Sunday of each month, at 3:30 pm. Unlike our Saturday tastings, there are six wines rather than four, the wines have a broader range of quality and price, and each wine is accompanied by an amuse-bouche that’s specially made to compliment the wine. Again, reservations are required, and web and email reservations will not guarantee you a seat, to please make your reservation by calling (520) 326-9363.

Past Sunday Wine Tasting

More Fun in the Rhone Valley

Yes, I know we've done tastings with wines from the Rhône Valley before.  It happens, though, that in a region with over 6000 producers that's been cultivating wine for over 1400 years, we find it hard to limit ourselves to just one or two tastings a year that include our faves from the region.

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History Lesson

This Sunday’s end-of-the-month tasting features wines from our friend Luke Anable features wines from four intriguing winemakers, all of whom are doing their best to either revive all-but-lost varietals, styles and appellations.

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Baja vs. the World

Sometimes we all feel like it's just us against the world, and this month, at our tasting at least, it's Baja, Mexico's turn.  Fortunately for Baja, we think you'll agree that Baja fares pretty well.

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Holiday wines with Katie Woodcock of the Estates Group

This Sunday being the last Sunday of the month, it’s time again for our monthly fancy-pants wine tasting.  Not that Kevin’s weekly tastings aren’t full of tasty wine and snacks and information, but once a month we like to open up a few higher-end bottles, and pair them with a few little plates of food meant to go specifically with each wine.

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Brooks Wines

Hello, Feastlings. Rather than write an intro to this month’s Last Sunday wine tasting, I’ll paste this from the website: “In the early 2000s, Oregon wine country’s brightest rising star was Jimi Brooks, a restless world traveler with a magnetic personality, a large group of close friends and a weakness for Moto Guzzi motorcycles, Unimog lorries and […]

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Blends from around the world

Hello, Feastlings. While there is undeniably art and craft in making wine from a single varietal- some might argue more so even than in making a blend- I’d argue that blending, while it still allows for an expression of the fruit as well as the place it’s grown, also allows for more of an expression […]

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Italian wines with Dario Soldan of Classico

Hello, Feastlings. There are people we like.  There are wines we like.  Once in a while, there’s an overlap- someone we enjoy brings in wines that we consistently admire for their level of quality and value.  Dario Soldan is one of those people, a smart, knowledgeable character who brings us wines that we’ve not seen […]

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Wines of the Pacific Northwest

Hello, Feastlings. This Sunday, June 26th, our Last Sunday tasting has us tasting wines from the Pacific Northwest.  Mike Galkin leads us in a tasting that will whisk us away to a place where we can imagine drizzling rain and a thermometer that doesn’t stretch past 85 degrees.  If you’d like to join us, please […]

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Back to Nature

Hello, Feastlings. We periodically host a tasting with the theme, “trust your importer.” It’s an effort to get you to take a look at the bottle you’re unsure of and take a chance based on the fact that, while you may not know the producer of the wine, you trust the company that imports it.  […]

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