Sunday Wine Tastings

Our Sunday wine tastings only occur on the last Sunday of each month, at 3:30 pm. Unlike our Saturday tastings, there are six wines rather than four, the wines have a broader range of quality and price, and each wine is accompanied by an amuse-bouche that’s specially made to compliment the wine. Again, reservations are required, and web and email reservations will not guarantee you a seat, to please make your reservation by calling (520) 326-9363.

Past Sunday Wine Tasting

Loosen Brothers

This month's Last Sunday tasting offers up mostly German stuff, but not everyone knows that Loosen Brothers  also has interests in French and domestic wineries as well, namely Roche de Bellene and J. Christopher.

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Trust Your Importer- Kermit Lynch

If you're ever remotely in doubt about a bottle of Old World wine you're inspecting, but you've never tasted it, turn the bottle around.  Does it say "Imported by Kermit Lynch?" You've just virtually guaranteed yourself an exceptional experience.  Come find out why

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Trust Your Importer- Folio Wine Group

This month we'll be getting a visit from Lisa d'Adamo of Folio Wine Group.  Every now and again we try to remind our guests that the overwhelming world of wines from abroad is a lot more navigable when you learn that there are importers out there whose wines you trust.

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Alpine Wine

Our good friend and former dining room manager Dylan Higgins graces us this month with his presence at a tasting of wines among the pines.  Arizona might be one of the states in the Four Corners, but for our money, the spot where Italy, Austria and Slovenia converge makes for better wine production.

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Your Iberian Travelogue

Those of you who've been attending our monthly wine tastings for any significant length of time know that we periodically host a wine tasting designed to create trust.  We call these tastings the "Trust Your Importer" series, the idea being that most of us can't possibly have tasted and familiarized ourselves with the massive selection of wines available to us all at any given moment.

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Tour de France

I know it seems like we're en train de battre un cheval mort, after all the Bastille Day food and drink and what with three of last week's four wines being French, but what can I say?  There's a certain je ne sais quoi about the wines of France.

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Summer Sippers

It's happened yet again: the first hot wind of the season has arrived.  No one dreads a hot wind like I do, but even if you dread it half as much as I, you need a reprieve.

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Island wines

This month’s Last Sunday tasting ushers in summer with wines that originate from island producers. Even reds that hail from islands offer up salt spray and freshness that presage the summer months, and all of them should inhabit your summertime wine selection.

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