The New Wave of the West Coast

Dear Feastlings,

Gone are the days of blousy, jelly-jar Merlots and rich, voluptuous Chardonnays.  There’s a new sheriff on the west coast- actually a number of new sheriffs- and correspondingly, new styles to be tasted.  This Sunday, our Last Sunday of the Month tasting features four wines from the New West, up and down the coast.  The tastes will be hefty three-ounce pours, and each served with a food pairing designed to compliment it.  You’ll  find instructions here for heating the dishes by the end of the week, as well as a tasting order and price sheet.  The tasting is $35 plus tax and tip, and it promises to be a good time with zoom friends, winemakers and a goofy chef to boot.  It begins at 3:30 pm on Sunday, August 30. To order, call us at 326-9363.  Because we’re preparing food based on the number of guests who order this tasting, orders must be placed by Friday the 28th at 5 pm to be guaranteed, and cancellations made after that time will incur a food preparation fee.  Treat it like a ticket; if you can’t attend, give it away or sell it.

The zoom tasting number is 872 2035 4954, and the password is 266081.


You can find the price sheet and color-coded tasting order here.

Instructions for pairing food and wine and readying your four courses can be found here.


The New Wave of the West Coast

2017 Barnard Griffin Sauvignon Blanc, Columbia Valley

2019 Jolie-Laide “Barsotti Vineyard” Gamay, El Dorado

2018 Walter Scott “La Combe Verte” Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley

2018 Matthiasson “Village” Cabernet Sauvignon No. 2, Napa Valley

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