CVNE tasting with Lucia Ramos Perez- and food pairings

Hello, Feastlings.

The pandemic for me is probably a lot like it is for you- there are certain moments from the very beginning brought into sharp focus.  One of those moments at Feast is the one where we got the phone call on Sunday, March 15 from Lucia Ramos Perez- who was scheduled to do a wine dinner with us on Wednesday the 18th- saying that CVNE, the wine producer she works for, had called her back to Spain before all flights everywhere were cancelled.  We were heartbroken- not that it mattered, since Tucson restaurants got notice that we had to shut down the night before at 8 pm anyhow, another moment that’s still in sharp focus for us.

So everyone went home with a bellyful of corned beef and cabbage and we all pondered what we imagined would be a month of shutdown, and here we are over six months later, still pondering.  As luck would have it, we’ve been adapting up a storm, and while we haven’t mastered the zoom tasting, we’ve at least gotten the hang of it.  Lucia flies back from Spain this Saturday, and was gracious enough to agree to join us, even as she shakes off the jet lag, on Sunday, September 27, at 3:30 pm.  We’re pouring healthy three-ounce tastes of her wines and pairing food with them to give you a Sunday afternoon activity that’s about as close as you’re likely to get this weekend to a trip to Rioja.  The tasting is $35 plus tax and tip, and Lucia’s smart, knowledgeable, jetlagged and charming.

To order, call us at 326-9363.  Because we’re preparing food based on the number of guests who order this tasting, orders must be placed by Friday the 26th at 7:30 pm to be guaranteed, and cancellations made after that time will incur a food preparation fee.  Treat it like a ticket; if you can’t attend, give it away or sell it.

The zoom tasting number is 899 4814 0015, and the passcode is 902381.


You can find the price sheet and color-coded tasting order here.

Instructions for pairing food and wine and readying your four courses can be found here.



2019 Cune ‘Monopole’ Viura, Rioja

2018 CVNE ‘Selección de Fincas’ Ribera del Duero

2015 Cune Rioja Reserva, Rioja

2015 Contino Rioja Reserva, Rioja










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