A case of mistaken identity

Good Day, Feastlings.

This week Kevin helps tease apart two light-bodied red varietals that have been confused with one another quite often over the course of decades.  Whatever the history, though, the wines are delicious, light-bodied reds that are the harbingers of fall.  Hooray for red wine, and hooray, more importantly, for the weather that makes red an option again.  Want to join us for the tasting?  Here’s what to do:

step 1: call 326-9363 and make a reservation;

step 2: bring $10 plus tax and tip to Feast this Saturday, September 19th, at 2:00 pm

step 3: enjoy wine and snacks and information with us, plus get a deal on the wines.

A case of mistaken identity?

2014 J. Lohr “Wildflower” Valdiguié, Monterey

2012 Roux Père et Fils Beaujolais Villages (Gamay)

2013 Paul Mathew “Turner Vineyard” Valdiguié, Knight’s Valley (Sonoma)

2011 Granger Earl “Cuvée Speciale” Julienas (Gamay)

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