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Past Wine

Harvest Reds

Hello, Feastlings. This week Kevin brings us harvesty red wines from organic producers.  These aren’t the organic producers from the days of yore- the ones who made organic wine at the expense of quality and flavor.  These are rich, tasty reds who deserve attention not only for their earth-friendly farming practices, but also for the […]

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Whimsical Whites

Hi ho, Feastlings. Kevin’s pulling corks on some whimsical whites this Saturday, September 20, at 2:00.  As usual, it’s only $10 plus tax and gratuity to join us and taste four whites that you probably haven’t had recently.  Here are the wines: 2012 Domaine Uby (Columbard-Ugni Blanc blend) 2012 Leth Grüner Veltliner 2011 Johanneshof Reinisch […]

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Sold Out: Pinot Noir, s’il vous plait

Hello, Feastlings. Tragically, this week’s tasting is already sold out, even at it’s pricier-than-usual $20.  The wines? 2009 Huber Estate Pinot Noir 2011 Mi Sueño Pinot Noir 2011 Soter “North Valley” Pinot Noir 2010 Joseph Drouhin Côtes de Beaune We’re sorry to be booked up already, but if you’d like to cast your vote for […]

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Signature Wines of the Southern Hemisphere

Kevin’s got four wines that positively scream where they hail from this week, and they all happen to be down under.  If you’d like to join us, please call at 326-9363 to have us hold a place for you (sorry- web and email reservations will not guarantee you a spot.)  The tasting is $10 plus […]

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Up and down the Rhône

Hey there, Feastlings. Châteauneuf-du-Pape, while the Popes have long since moved out of it, is the yardstick of the Rhône valley.  We tend to taste wines from the region and compare their various qualities of fruit and garrigue with the notable southern end of the river valley. The fact is, however delicious the wines of […]

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Way to go, Washington (no… not D.C.)

Good Day, Feastlings. This Saturday, Kevin offers up a blast of northerly goodness from Washington state.  Four tasty wines and a couple of snacks can be had this Saturday at 2:00 for a mere $10 plus tax and tip, and all you have to do to get in on this deal is call us and […]

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Soft and Supple, but Surprisingly Rich Reds…

Hello, Feastlings. Kevin’s tasting this week features his picks for soft and supple reds.  The tasting is $10 plus tax and tip, and web and email reservations won’t be accepted, so if you’d like to join us, please call and hold a spot at 326-9363.  Snacks and wine wisdom are included. Soft and Supple, but […]

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Pinot Grigio- it’s more interesting than you realize.

Hello, Feastlings. While I can’t say I’m a fan of the title of this week’s wine tasting, I’ll have to go with Kevin on this one.  He’s right, it is indeed more interesting than most of us realize.  This Saturday at 2 pm, you can taste your way through four different interpretations of the quintessential […]

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Che Syrah, Shiraz

Hello, dear feastlings. While Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir have their followings, the red grape that’s dear to us here at Feast has always been Syrah.  We love them all, don’t get us wrong, but the wines we taste that invariably make us pause and look at one another in awe?  They’re Syrahs.  This week, […]

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