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Past Wine

A sparkling conversation about bubbles.

You know it and I know it, Feastlings: It ain’t New Year’s without bubbles.  Even the teetolaters are wont to pop the cork on a bottle of sparkling cider come midnight, and who can blame them? The extravagance of bubbles has been a part of ringing in the new year since the 17th century, when […]

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Get this party started!

Good day, Feastlings. Kevin’s tasting this week focuses on wines for that last handful of Holiday parties.  They make great host gifts, they’re affordable enough to pour in great quantities for your friends and family, and they go with a broad spectrum of holiday fare.  The tasting is this Saturday, at 2 pm.  It’s only […]

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How the Grenache Stole Christmas

Dearest Feastlings, Whether your holiday table has a turkey on it, a standing rib roast, a ham or a spaghetti squash, there’s one varietal that gets a gold star in the “plays well with others” category: Grenache.  This week, Kevin pulls out four of them, ranging from the perfect Tuesday night wine all the way […]

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The Four Gentle Vins of Verona

Hello, Feastlings. This week, Kevin offers up four wines from the Veneto.  The tasting is at 2:00 on Saturday the 6th, reservations can be made in person or by phone at 326-9363 (Sorry, no web or email reservations).  The tasting costs $10 plus tax and tip, and we’ll have a couple of little snacks alongside […]

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All Hail Cabernet, King of Grapes

Precious Feastlings, This month’s Last Sunday tasting will be presented by Jessica Nenadic, who’s not only excited to bring Cabernet Sauvignon from near and far this Sunday, along with its progenitors, Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Franc, but who also wants the wines to speak for themselves.  So notes on the wines this month, but rather, […]

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The “World” of Sauvignon Blanc

Hey there, Feastlings. While we as Tucsonans tend toward the reds the minute the thermometer drops below 80 degrees, this is also the time of year when we entertain one another in our homes and businesses.  This means pleasing a broad spectrum of people, and it means we don’t want people spilling red wine on […]

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A Pinot for Your Thoughts

Hello, Feastlings. A month or so ago, our Pinot Noir tasting sold right out, and a lot of you missed the chance to taste, so we’re having a reprise tasting this Saturday at 2:00.  The tasting will run you ten bucks plus tax and tip, and will include a couple of snacks, but please do […]

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The Usual Suspects

Hello, Feastlings. Two weeks ago, Kevin offered wines for your Thanksgiving table that were a little off the beaten path.  This week, it’s the usual suspects: wines for Thanksgiving that you might expect someone to recommend for Thanksgiving.  The tasting this week is back down to its customary $10 price point, and seats can be […]

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By Bordeaux inspired…

Hello, Wine Tasters. Occasionally, we offer up a tasting with wines whose price nudges the tasting into a pricier level.  This is one of those weeks, with wines inspired by Bordeaux (or in one case, not inspired by Bordeaux so much as being an actual Bordeaux).  the tasting this week is $20 rather than $10, […]

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The path less travelled

Good day, Wine Tasters. It’s regarded as common knowledge that Pinot Noir is the way to go for a Thanksgiving bottle, but we know that Feastlings eschew tradition for something a bit more interesting.  With that in mind, Kevin has put together a handful of fun wines that might just make your Thanksgiving that much […]

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