Lucy- you’ve got some Spaining to do.

Buenos Días, Feastlings.

For as tiny as Spain is (it’s really not much bigger than the state of California,) there’s a significant breadth to its wine production.  From ripe and juicy to downright austere, Spain offers us a complete spectrum of varietals and styles.  This Saturday at 2:00, Kevin opens up four wines from four distinct regions of Spain, each one different from the last.  We’ve got a few seats left, but web and email reservations won’t hold a seat for you, so if you’d like to join us, please give us a call at 326-9363 and we’ll put you on the waiting list.  Hey, it could happen.


Lucy- you’ve got some Spaining to do.


2016 Eira Dos Mouros Treixadura, Ribeiro

2017 C.V.N.E. “Monopole” Viura, Rioja

2017 La Senda “Vindemiatrix” Vino Tinto, Bierzo

2014 Pasanau “Ceps Nous” Priorat

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