If you’re not Caesar, it’s not so bad.

Dear Feastlings,

Sure, there’s that “aww, you, too, Brutus?” feeling we’ve all had at one point or another, but for those of us who aren’t Julius Caesar, the Ides of March is usually just another day. For us, this year, it’s the day that our buddy Mary Taylor comes to Tucson, and to mark the occasion, we’ve invited her to dinner, alongside the first 39 of you that sign up to join us. She’ll be talking about the wines she imports, and we’ll be making a four-course dinner to accompany them. Plus there’ll be a little nibble of dessert at the end. Seats have been going quickly, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it sells out within the hour. It’s kind of exciting to see a wine importer get the camping-in-line response that’s usually reserved for Beyonce tickets or a new Star Wars screening. The dinner will take place on the ides of March and the only stabbing we’ll see is with forks and knives, into this dinner:

Mary Taylor’s coming to town

Meanwhile, today there’s a wine tasting with food pairings as well, and when I left Feast last night there were still nine sets of samples and food pairings available, so you can still invite your neighbor to join you for this tasting

Three Saints

at this link:


It’ll be peppered with winemakers, viticulturists and other visionaries for Santa Barbara County, and chatty and fun.

As to other upcoming events, Tuesday marks the beginning of the March menu, only yesterday being finally written, and undoubtedly with some tweaking happening today (still working on those cocoa-spice pumpkin seeds,) but you’ll see the new menu posted on Tuesday, which I’ll remind you is Fat Tuesday, and that means crawfish etouffee in plentiful supply. I mentioned it yesterday, but again, with our seating still limited, reserving now is wise, though we’ll make enough to offer it for carryout as well.

Our donation run to Banner’s South Campus ED, which is right next door to their Crisis Response Center (where we’ll also be headed) has had a slight scheduling issue, as has the CRC, so it look like it may be Tuesday the 8th rather than Friday the 4th that we head over there with three more shifts’ worth of meals for the undoubtedly stressed crews at each location:


There’s more in the works, of course: a micro-vertical tasting next Saturday- two vintages of three different wines, tasted side by side- and we’re still comparing calendars with winemaker Mitch Cosentino in hopes of setting up a dinner with him. There’ll be more about these events as details solidify.

In the meantime, though, we’re happy for you to join us for a bite, or take out, whenever you’re feeling peckish. Thanks, everyone.



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