Winner, winner, chicken dinner

Dear Feastlings,

In all of yesterday’s keening and hand-wringing, I forgot to mention the opportunity we occasionally proffer to people who value Arizona Public Media as much as I do. I should have put “whiner, whiner” in the subject line, but “chicken diner” wasn’t as catchy, and truthfully, it’s hard to talk about one’s day or the state of the world without a little mention of hard times. Yesterday, a guest wrote back to describe her own industry, where patients are being turned away while they train new techs, and whoever’s left on staff find themselves cleaning dialysis chairs between shifts for another three months or so which trainees are trained.

So I pause in my customary bellyaching to remind you all that when I’m not bemoaning my fate or that of my compatriots, be they in the restaurant biz, another industry, or just fellow participants in humanity, I also try to balance it with a little something for the common good. I brought 70 servings of corned beef and cabbage to our friends at St. Luke’s Home today, both staff and residents, and I thank those of you who contributed to our donation run. I would imagine the people at St. Luke’s thank you as well.

The other thing I’m doing is bringing a couple of gift certificates with me when I go tomorrow morning (or really, stay home tomorrow morning and chime in via Zoom) to interrupt programming and encourage people to help keep Arizona Publish Media flush. So if you’re a person who likes AZPM as much as I do, you probably contribute already, and if you choose to do so tomorrow between 8:00 and 10:00 am, you’ll be entered in a drawing to wine one of those gift certificates. Just sayin’.

Meanwhile, we’re on track to squeak through tonight and with any luck neither run completely out of corned beef and cabbage, nor find ourselves awash in leftovers tomorrow. Tune in to NPR if you want know how to enter to win- you don’t even technically need to make a donation- you can simply call in to be entered- but I hope you’ll consider a little something.

As far as Feast goes, there’s still a little corned beef and cabbage to be had, and another eight or ten loaves of porridge bread to sop up the juice, so you’re welcome to give us a buzz and order one or the other, or both. You’re welcome to give us a call and grab what you can while this deal’s still on the proverbial and literal table. The number to call is 326-9363. You can also order samples for this week’s wine tasting if you’re so inclined.

Lash yourself to the mast

Seen you soon, and happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Your mate,


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