Already put to the test

Dear Feastlings,

I was having coffee with a friend this morning after an easy, refreshing bike ride when I made the mistake of pulling out my phone to see what time it was. I discovered the texts I’d missed from the opening crew at Feast with photos of the water that spilled into the dining room from the flooded kitchen. As much as I’d have considered it a disaster in years past, I dialed the plumber, noted that these things evidently only transpire when plumbers are charging time and a half, and Manny was on his way.

This alluvion has occurred regularly at Feast, so it’s no longer the disaster that it once was- the flooring has been replaced a couple of times, and is now happily a waterproof vinyl that won’t bend and warp, and the last time the flooring was replaced, there was no evidence of mold, so it’s usually just a question of cleanup and snaking out the line that our water softener unceremoniously dumps into each night to cause our biannual inundation. My coffee buddy noted that I was, only days after promising a newfound disloyalty to my suffering, being put to the test, but I must say: I think I passed it. I didn’t panic; I didn’t whine. Apart from expressing a little disappointment that these things only seem to happen when the plumber is charging time and a half, I just pedaled home to dash off this note, and then I’m on my way in to get my end of today’s wine tasting going.

Now and then

There’s still room to join us, at least by Zoom, and it should be fun: three wines, but two vintages of each so you can gauge changes over time, to some extent. You can call for samples at 326-9363. Here’s how to log in:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 897 9947 8214
Passcode: 964925

There’s more wine-related fun on the horizon, though I should say that we’re at the point of waitlist only for the dinner with Mary Taylor on March 15. Still, there’s invariably a cancellation or two, so it’s worth a try.

Mary Taylor’s coming to town

If you don’t get to attend, though, there’s more to come. Mitch Cosentino, formerly of Cosentino (he sold that label and hasn’t made the wine in years) and now of PureCru, his newer venture, will be joining us for a wine dinner on April 20. We’re still in the process of selecting the wines and writing a menu, but I’ll keep you posted as it gets closer.

Tuesday, I’ll be headed back out to Banner with more meals donated by you fine people and by us here at Feast,


and the following week will be Mary’s dinner, closely followed by the beef we’ve been corning for weeks now and its customary treatment of cabbage, turnips and potatoes. We’ll even bake some extra porridge bread on the 17th. Reservations are wise, and the number, again, is 326-9363.

Meanwhile, we’ll keep at the meal donations, the ever-changing menu, and the introduction of wines we’ve discovered, plus whatever other activities we can muster to make your day a little brighter. See you soon.


Doug and everyone else at Feast

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