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Shorter. And less sweet.

Dear Feastlings, In order not to go down the rabbit hole labeled “self-pitying” after a back-and-forth series of messages with my bank about the PPP loan we’re applying for, I’m going to keep this minimal: Today is the last day to order hub delivery if you’re on the East or West side East is East, […]

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Shortish, and sweetish.

Hello, Feastlings. Just a quick one to day to remind you that deadlines approach for ordering for our hub deliveries this weekend, of which there are many (hubs, that is.) Take a look to see when we’ll be in your area and save yourself a trip: East is East, and West is West, and never […]

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Simmer down, now.

Dearest Feastlings, Now that we’ve been at this pandemic thing for eleven months, I can say with some authority that, as weird as it all is, and as alternately scary and unpredictable as it all is, normal frustrations are not entirely supplanted by what fear and stress the pandemic bring; it turns out that the […]

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