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Dear Feastlings, I’m pleased to know that a couple of you read these emails so regularly that people have actually checked in on me to make sure we’re okay. The answer is yes, as long as “okay” doesn’t mean that we’re not still consistently overwhelmed at all that we have to accomplish. But, as I […]

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Copy. Paste. Ignore.

Dear Feastlings, Just a quick note today to talk briefly about both food and drink: Island Wines Today’s tasting begins in a few short hours, and has food pairings included. I believe there’s one solo tasting still available, so if someone has canceled on you for some other afternoon event, my suggestion is retaliation […]

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The mainland(s.)

Dear Feastlings, I suppose the vast majority of you will read this as you return on Tuesday from Northern Arizona, San Diego, but there’s a contingent who’ll be logging in in just a few short hours to shoot the breeze with Kevin and me about the fruit of the vine. There’s still time to pick […]

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