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Sooner, later, and then even later

Dear Feastlings, As dismal as the news is that keeps plodding into our lives, there are a couple of ways I’m dealing with it. One is to do what kindness I can do, and while we’ve slowed a bit on the donated meal front to tackle the necessity of keeping up with a busier restaurant, […]

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Up and running

Hi again, my friends. My apologies for the extra email, but as it happens, our website it back up, so here are those links I wanted to share with you earlier. First, this Saturday’s wine tasting: How the Grenache stole Christmas Next, this Sunday’s Last Sunday of the Month tasting, which will have more information […]

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Breadhead, Deadhead, Bedhead. I don’t know.

Dear Feastlings, I wanted to send you links to this weekend’s wine tastings, one on Saturday and one on Sunday, and to the wine dinner a week from Wednesday, and to the heating instructions you might require tomorrow if you lose the ones we give you today when you pickup your Thanksgiving carryout. As luck […]

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