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A tug on your shirtsleeve

Hi, Feastlings. I know your email boxes are full to bursting right now with Black Friday offers and the like, but here’s a quick reminder to avert potential last-minute stress. Every year, we get a slew of phone calls on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving from desperate folk who’ve forgotten that the deadline to order their […]

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Time’s a-wastin’.

Quick, before the holidays catch you by the neck of your sweater and you're pulled under! Let us take some of the weight of holiday entertaining off your shoulders.

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Um… you voted, right?

Good morning, Feastlings. Let’s start with this: while each of us has our own political leanings, Feast isn’t in the business of telling you how to vote. Your vote is your own, and we’re happy to make food and drink for you regardless of any political affiliation.  It is Election Day, however, and no matter […]

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How a day gets away from a person

Dear, dear Feastlings, You know how you usually get an email late Thursday morning telling you what’s going on at Feast? Today was one of those days where the painters didn’t do what they said they would, nor the flooring repair people, and the walk-in fan motor stopped working, and so on and so forth, […]

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You, us and Darren.

It would appear that we've arrived at the first Tuesday of the month yet again, just as we have well over two hundred times now, and it means the same thing it's always meant for us...

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We’re not fooling anybody.

I know. The summer request menu is over and done with (though I know some of you got the short shrift, so don't worry, we'll still be making gigante beans for another day or two (and maybe some short ribs and banana crumbles.) It's abundantly clear to us, though, that what's outside still does not remotely resemble autumn.

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Summer Swansong

I must admit that even I will be sorry to watch the parade of dishes from the past seventeen-plus years come to an end. I know we didn't get to every last request this summer, and my apologies to the two of you who wanted us to put the Pavlova back on the menu- we had every intention of doing it, but with the humidity what it is, the meringues would have been tragic.

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Your penultimate handful of summer requests

How is it that in the dead of summer, when nary a soul comes to visit, I find myself completely overwhelmed? I'm only just now dashing off this note to let you know about this week's developments, so my sincere apologies to anyone who was waiting to decide whether this week's request menu warranted a trip in for lunch.

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Population Boom

I found myself in a big box store the other day- how I convinced myself it was a good idea, I'll never know. But it was thick with youths and their parents, everyone getting ready for a year of scholastic endeavor.

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