My ulterior motive


Dear Feastlings,

I know you’ve already heard from me once this week, but with so many of you out of town, I thought I’d indulge myself once more, this time ostensibly to send you a link to the menu for the wine dinner we’re doing with Elodie Wester of French Libation on Wednesday, May 22nd.

Trust your importer: French Libation dinner with Elodie Wester

Ostensibly. What’s more, there’s the Mother’s Day menu

Some specials- and an extra day- for mom.

and tomorrow’s wine tasting.

Winter- er, Summer- is coming.

The reality of it, though, is that this also presents me with the opportunity to remind you that Feast is here and the doors are open on this night that currently has rather fewer tables booked that it did last week at this time. So it’s a reminder that while you’ve needed reservations for the past five months or so if you’ve wanted to join us (and you likely still will for special events like the aforementioned ones,) the time of year has at last arrived in which you can fairly certainly waltz, jitterbug or fox trot right in here for a bite or a drink without the forethought you’ve needed to have throughout the winter and spring season. Still, let us know you’re coming, and we’ll primp up a table for you. See you soon.

Your pal,


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