Buzz buzz buzz

Dear Feastlings,

The cicadas won’t be out for months, but in my head, a relentless buzz has already begun. I’ve spent the day trying to get things posted on the website, but that’s been interrupted by calls from the DES regarding an employee who worked here for about three weeks last year; emails to the Oregon Child Support office regarding their only recently discovering the whereabouts of another employee who hasn’t worked here in months; an emergency run to the store for fresh mozzarella; and a phone call to reorder the capacitor that we need for the motor on one of our exhaust fans; plus a visit from the health inspector to make sure everyone has been caught up on the department’s updated ROP protocols (ROP is reduced oxygen packaging, or vacuum packing.) There’s another wine dinner in the works for May, which means figuring out what we’ll be pouring and what’s going to be available in the state by the time we host the dinner (just so you know, it’ll be May 22nd, which is a Wednesday.)

I’m positioned in the office so that one ear is filled with half-conversations from Amy, our catering director, answering a steady stream of catering-related questions, and the other is filled with the conversations of five people prepping, one baking, two washing dishes and two cooking on the line, all struggling to be heard over the radio. Amid the scores of conversations, I’ve managed to post a few things on the website, like this week’s wine tasting,

Le Bon Marché

next week’s wine dinner (sorry, it’s waiting list only now, but you can still attend the reprise dinner we’re doing at the winery on the 30th,)

Callaghan wine dinner with Kent and Lisa Callaghan

a blurb about Saint Patrick’s Day,

No snakes, but plenty of corned beef

and another about Easter,

Easter at Feast

the two Sundays we’ll actually be open despite our current, staffing crisis-imposed moratorium on Sundays.

Also, amid the buzzing, I appear to have gotten some semblance of an email written, so I’ll send this off now and hope for the best. I look forward to the peace and quiet of the dinner rush.



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