More concise than usual still isn’t all that concise. Nonetheless…

Dear Feastlings,

As much as the ever-stressful world feels like it’s demanding a lengthy commentary, that lengthy commentary won’t be from me today. I haven’t been as overwhelmed by the news of the world as I have lately for some time, and while it’s been compounded by trials and tribulations (thank you for your patience, those of you who’ve dined with us in the past week or so while we’ve struggled with staffing again, with sick kids and injuries and appointments tripping us up again,) my plan today is a simple one: send out a more concise email than usual, one that mentions upcoming events like this Saturday’s end-of-the-month wine tasting,

California dreaming

Mother’s Day (yes, we’ll be open on a Sunday, but just the one, and the menu is forthcoming,) and our wine dinner with Elodie Wester of French Libation (menu also forthcoming) on Wednesday, May 22nd.

And then I’ll just get on with it. I look forward to sending you longer, more meandering and tedious emails in the future.



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