The last-minute addenda

Dear Feastlings,
There’s nothing like a last-minute addendum to shake things up. I know that we at Feast have been more than a bit stressed as the state added essential workers to the list of eligible recipients with little enough warning that various vaccine sites couldn’t seem to get us added to their own websites for signup. And while I know I’ll get an email or two detailing the dangers of vaccination, I’ll admit to you that we have our own secret motives behind this covertly planned last-minute announcement: we’ve added a couple of things to tomorrow’s St. Patrick’s Day menu.
Let me begin by saying that while we have a motive behind keeping these additions a secret until the last minute, there’s nothing sinister happening here. Our motive for keeping this a secret has been purely necessity. We have a fixed amount of oven space, and we’re loathe to freeze this stuff, so we figured if we waited until the day before, not all of you would see it, and we’d have enough for you without ticking anybody off. We’ve added a par-baked, one-pound oatmeal porridge sourdough loaf to the menu- it’s five bucks and you just throw it in the oven for 15 minutes or so at 425 degrees to give you a nice, crispy crust and a steamy, delicious loaf. It’s fully cooked if you don’t want to go to the trouble, mind you, but oh, that crust. We’ve also added Guinness chocolate cake with a cream cheese frosting. We have limited amounts of each available to add to tomorrow’s corned beef and cabbage, and frankly, that’s nearly sold out, so if you’ve been on the fence, now’s the moment to pick up the phone and call us at 326-9363. Here are the details, all in one place:

We’ll have it until we don’t.

As long as you’ve got us on the phone, you can also order Passover food (available to order for another week, but hey, you’re here)

Passover specials

and Easter food (available to order for two more weeks, but, as I mentioned before, hey, you’re here.)

Easter treats

Now, if those three holiday extravagances aren’t enough for you, there’s a wine tasting this Saturday, a tasting of Barberas that you’re sure to find both enlightening and enjoyable.

Barbera at its best

If, on the other hand, you find yourself saturated with extravagances and you’d like to extend a helping hand to someone who isn’t experiencing much in the way of extravagance right now, you can make a contribution to one of our upcoming donation runs to people in need:

Hot meals for those experiencing cold nights

And I’ll sweeten the deal for you right now as well: you can help people in need AND be extravagant to yourself all in one fell swoop if you join us for Feast for Families on April 8:

Feast for Families

Of course, everything but the St. Patrick’s Day stuff gives you ample notice, so you’re more than welcome to play it the way I do: wait until the last possible moment, get frantic, and make a mad scramble, hoping desperately for the best. The choice is yours.

Your friend,


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