Happy birthday. Or anniversary. Or whatever.

Dear Feastlings,
I’m kicking off the day by noting that a year ago today, we got notice in the afternoon that Tucson restaurants were being ordered to close at 8:00 pm, due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus. We were terrified- we had no idea how we could close the restaurant, or at least the dining room, for two weeks- or maybe even an entire MONTH(!)- and survive the hit to our income. Today, a year later, and with our sales slashed more dramatically than I care to think about, we’re still here, and we have you to thank for it. The luck of the Irish, I guess. Anyhow, you’ve ordered the corned beef and cabbage we’ve been brining for over three weeks at such a rate that it’s all spoken for at this point, and you’ve loaded up on the oatmeal porridge bread we made as well, but we still have a Guinness chocolate cake or two left, with cream cheese frosting, so you’re welcome to give us a jingle at 326-9363 and grab those last few slices if your own luck hasn’t run out yet.

We’ll have it until we don’t.

What can I say? Like our Irish friends, we’re powering through the adversity that that occasionally dubious Irish luck has dealt us. Still, it’s the cultures who’ve lived through hard times that offer the richest expressions of themselves. What doesn’t kill you may or may not make you stronger, but it does make you hilarious. Or at the very least, enthralling.
And speaking of cultures whose adversity has given them hilarity, if only occasionally, admittedly, despite being fully committed on the St. Patrick’s Day front, there’s still ample time and availability if you’re ordering from our Passover menu:

Passover specials

And there’s even time for you to order the other thing I’m springing on you at the last minute, our deliveries to our various outlying delivery hubs, be they on the east or west side,


the north and northwest,

North by Northwest

or the south and southeast.

South and Southeast

There’s still time as well to order your samples for this week’s wine tasting:

Barbera at its best

That appears to me to be enough links for one email, but St. Patrick’s Day has got me thinking about the people of Ireland, which in turn reminded me of this longtime favorite of mine, so I’ll include one more link to amuse you until you’ve had enough green beer or whiskey to amused by nearly anything:


Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, happy birthday, and happy anniversary.



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