We’ll have it until we don’t.

Dear Feastlings,

Each year, we make more, sometimes cautiously, sometimes on with reckless abandon, and nearly every year, people seem to snap it all up.  This year, we started corning our briskets, 18 of them, the third week of February, giving us close to three hundred servings of corned beef.  On St. Patrick’s Day, we’ll serve it up with braised cabbage, potatoes, carrots and turnips, all in its broth with a little caraway thrown in for good measure.  In normal circumstances, we’d just say to come on in and enjoy it, but pandemic living has convinced us to keep our dining room closed, so we’ll let the ordering commence now.  You can give us a call at 326-9363 and reserve your corned beef and cabbage for the 17th, either hot to enjoy the minute you get home, or cold to heat up at your convenience.  We’ll be offering it for $24.
And this is the spot where we offer our annual disclaimer:  Feast corns its own beef, and does so without saltpeter, and without nitrates, the two ingredients that give corned beef its characteristic red color and springy, knobbly texture.  So our corned beef looks, well, like beef.  Brown corned beef exists, and it’s delicious, subtler than the red stuff, more moist and juicy than its red counterpart, and every bit as delicious.  So if you’re put off by the unfamiliar, our suggestion is to go to your neighborhood grocery store or butcher and load up on what’s familiar.  That will leave more for those of us who’ll boldly eat brown, tender, juicy corned beef on Wednesday.  Sláinte.

We’re also offering a par-baked oatmeal porridge bread, a one-pound loaf, that you finish in your oven by baking it directly on the rack at 425 degrees, for 15-18 minutes- it’s $5- and Guinness chocolate cake, which, like the rest of our desserts, is priced at $9 a slice.  While they last.

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