Passover specials

Hello, Feastlings.

We’ll be offering a menu of Passover dishes for first and second Seder (March 27 and 28,) either cold with heating instructions, or hot and ready to serve (but be aware that pickup times will likely become sold out fairly quickly.  Make your pickup reservation early.)

Because of the nature of pandemic carryout, the last day to order will be Tuesday, March 23rd, at 7:30 pm. 

Matzo ball soup with chicken and vegetables.
5/ cup          8.5/bowl

Haroset – relish of dried apricots, dates, honey, walnuts, raisins and red wine.
5/ half pint           9/ pint

Sea bass and salmon gefilte fish terrine with horseradish and lemon.
26/ pound  -may be ordered in quarter-pound and half-pound servings as well.

Spanish-style braised beef brisket with herbed potatoes and broccolini.

Pan-roasted Ora King salmon, served over rice pilaf with aromatic leaves, artichoke hearts, and a matzo meal Romescu sauce.

Flourless lemon-ricotta cake with tarragon syrup.

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