hole-y moley, part II

I couldn’t even fit all the new digging into one post.  If there’s no post tomorrow, I probably fell into one of these.  The stress is so that I may even choose to just hide in one.  The bathroom tile order came in short, and the flooring for the dining room needs to acclimate in […]

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hole-y moley

Who knew that this late in the game, there’d be new holes everywhere?  I thought all the digging happened at the beginning and once the floors were poured, we’d move upward.  Not so.  We’re headed underground.  There are sinks in the holes in the kitchen, the gas line’s in the trench out front, and forms […]

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sink holes

Our sink holes have been filled with sinks now, and floor prep starts today for the kitchen tile.  Thankfully, they’re sink holes and not sinkholes.  My personal fave:  the one that goes in front of the tilt skillet.  I’ll show you that once we move it over, but the floor sink for it is here.  […]

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rhapsody in blue

I don’t know whether I’m more surprised when people I’ve never met before ask me how the building is going, or when people say to me, “I know more or less where you’re moving, but I just can’t seem to find it.”  Problem solved.  The blue paint went on today, and while I was nervous […]

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when is a garbage can a dustbin?

No, that’s not a lawnmower.  I’m sure it has a name, but to me it will always be a flattener.  You’re looking at the area where the trash and recycling bins will go, and if you look at these two photos, you’ll agree that we stand a significant chance of having possibly the flattest trash […]

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wet paint, dry humor

Neither one was facing me when I took this photo, but when I asked if they were smiling, I was fixed with a glare.  “I’m smiling inside,” said the guy on the right.  I have a feeling the only way he smiles is inside, but I don’t know him that well yet.

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cookin’ with gas

a trench, a gas line- what more could we ask for? This morning a trench was dug, that we might have a gas line.  With any luck, we’ll use the gas that comes through it to cook your lunch or dinner one day.  Or brunch.  Where do you stand on the brunch idea?  We’re seriously […]

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reaching new heights

You may or may not recall my bellyaching about the fact that code required me to spend nearly $15,000 on a new grease trap and its accoutrements even though the grease trap already on the premises was twenty-five times the size of the one we have now.  I had thought very little about how bitter […]

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as promised, some drama

If you saw yesterday’s post, you know that the scarcely dramatic saw cut in the driveway of New Feast portended something big.  Not big enough to stop traffic, but big enough at least to close a lane of Speedway for a couple of hours.  Our sidewalk and driveway preparations have begun.  Here’s what it all […]

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