A penny for fewer thoughts.

Dear Feastlings,

Between getting tonight’s wine dinner set up,

Thanksgiving carryout menu

this Saturday’s wine tasting,

Thankfully delicious reds

trying to secure enough turkeys despite supply line issues for our Thanksgiving offerings,

Thanksgiving carryout menu

and getting recipes cut down to size for guests to be able to use them at next week’s benefit for Child & Family Resources (only 8 spots left, I believe,)


and with two of the crew out with minor issues- a thumb and a NOT-Covid virus, all I want today is fewer thoughts in my head. Whatever’s going through your head, I hope it’s a) less than I have going on in my own personal hamster wheel; and b) possibly joining us for any or all of it. We even have a cancellation and therefore an extra four seats at tonight’s dinner, if you’re feeling impetuous.

See you soon.



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