Hither and yon

Dear Feastlings,
I don’t know about you, but when I get on the bike and start pedaling, the first few strokes are wobbly. I’m often in the wrong gear, or I can’t get my cleat into the pedal, or I didn’t see the bump in front of me. It even happens with twenty or thirty miles under my belt when I’m getting back into town and I get stuck at a stoplight.

Our wine tastings, even though we’ve done hundreds of them before, are in that wobbly stage where we’re trying to get our balance, and we’ve thrown into the mix the issue of attempting to offer them to you all both in person and remotely, with remote speakers talking about the wines as well. Those of you who’ve attended know about half of how difficult it’s been to offer a tasting that’s part hither and part yon. The other half happens behind the scenes, before you even arrive. The wireless microphone doesn’t work, and what limited time I have is perhaps better spent elsewhere at this point, since I still don’t have recipes cut down to normal human proportions for Tuesday’s Child & Family Resources benefit ( I think there are two of four spots left, if you’d care to join, but don’t hold me to that.)


It also turns out that Saturdays and evenings aren’t the best time for maximum bandwidth in our neighborhood (those of you who attended the Callaghan wine dinner witnessed something not unlike Apollo 11 but with crappier cameras. Houston, we had a problem.

That said, you’ve all been delightfully patient pioneers as we navigate the New World of post- (or is it still mid-?) Covid protocols, so for those of you joining us from Yon today rather than Hither, here’s the link, meeting number and passcode that you may want in order to pop in at 2:00 today.

Doug Levy is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Thanksgiving reds
Time: Nov 13, 2021 02:00 PM Arizona

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 865 9896 8629
Passcode: 820737

and for those of you who might still join us, there’s still room to join us, physically or virtually, with ample space around you for those whose comfort or health depend on it. The theme is reds suitable for your Thanksgiving table,

Thankfully delicious reds

and you’ll see many of your old buddies whether you join us here or on the screen. It’s a nice little preparation for the big day, and if you find the day too big, I humbly suggest a phone call to 326-9363 to have us supplement your meal with this or that, or even to provide the whole nine yards, in the event that sleeping in sounds better than cooking all day come Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving carryout menu

There are still a couple of days left to order at this point, as long as our suppliers keep holding on and getting the ingredients we require in for us. Fingers crossed we emerge thankful in twelve days’ time.

In the meantime, we’re still at it over here, both for lunch and for dinner, six days a week,


so make a reservation- as Tucson starts filling back up and our seating remains limited, we’re going to be turning someone away every night, as much as it pains us. Don’t let it be you we turn away. Now go on about your day, get through those first wobbly pedal strokes, keep your helmet on and your hands on the handlebars. We look forward to seeing you coast into the parking lot here.



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