If it’s any indication, I’m delighted.

Dear Feastlings, It’s already been another day, one like the past few: A line cook scheduled to work a stage today called to say his mother had been in an accident and he wouldn’t be coming. An interviewee called to say that she wouldn’t be making the interview as she was still trying to secure […]

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With or without stepping foot.

Good morning, Feastlings. There’s little to report today, and, in fact, little to do. I enjoy stifling heat as much as the next guy, but, like everyone else in most of the country, I don’t regard the outdoors as a viable option, or anything that involved much running around outdoors. So, as usual, I propose […]

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Oh, Trust, how I miss you.

Dear Feastlings, Years ago, the accountant I used to use told me something I value to this day, regardless of the numerous things that made me decide to change to the accountants I adore: “Trust,” he said, “but verify.” Having survived, all these years later, a dining room manager who embezzled about $24,000, and sketchy, […]

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