Summer Swansong

I must admit that even I will be sorry to watch the parade of dishes from the past seventeen-plus years come to an end. I know we didn’t get to every last request this summer, and my apologies to the two of you who wanted us to put the Pavlova back on the menu- we had every intention of doing it, but with the humidity what it is, the meringues would have been tragic.

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Your penultimate handful of summer requests

How is it that in the dead of summer, when nary a soul comes to visit, I find myself completely overwhelmed? I’m only just now dashing off this note to let you know about this week’s developments, so my sincere apologies to anyone who was waiting to decide whether this week’s request menu warranted a trip in for lunch.

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Population Boom

I found myself in a big box store the other day- how I convinced myself it was a good idea, I’ll never know. But it was thick with youths and their parents, everyone getting ready for a year of scholastic endeavor.

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Bacon, how you charm me.

While I’m acutely aware that many of you eschew bacon on religious or moral grounds, and that some of you simply don’t like it, I’ve got to say that I’m fond of it. Call me a traitor to my cultural heritage if you must, or judge me for my omnivorous tendencies, but…

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Your First of Two This Week

You still have a chance for stuffed rabbit, roasted spiced corn and pan bagnat, for example, today also offers you a crack at some some new August dishes- braised pork shanks, a lamb meatloaf sandwich and a salmon salad with the most tender white anchovies we’ve tasted- and some treats from Feast’s past- white gazpacho with grapes and almonds, or saag paneer. September menu begins the first Tuesday in September.

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Bien Sur

I know a great many of you are Francophiles, as are we here at Feast, and I can’t think of a better week for it. Bastille Day is a mere two days away, and we’ll be offering French specials all day and a French wine tasting to boot.

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Short and sweet. And also savory.

We thought we’d dash off this little note so that you knew that there were suddenly salmon cakes to be had this week, as well as- yes- the crispy duck salad, the fried oyster BLT, Bouillabaisse, and a tempura fig over saffron ice cream with honey drizzled over it.

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Poetic License

Today marks the third of thirteen weeks of our making the dishes you wanted us to make, and just like last week featured a little-seen dish that was a happy hour snack-turned-entree in the eggplant Parmigiana, this week offers up a dish from our catering menu that some of you have had at parties we’ve catered.

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It smells good in here.

While it technically isn’t summer just yet, the Feast Summer menus have begun.
For the uninitiated, we sent an email out last month asking which of your favorite dishes you’d like to see on the menu again, and each week through Labor Day, we’ll be making a few of those dishes you’ve missed.

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