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Dear Feastlings,

What can I say? Whatever separation there might be between Church and State, apart from a paltry few neighborhoods and regions, we Americans live in a culture dominated by Christianity. That’s neither good nor bad, as far as I’m concerned; each religion has its plusses and minuses, and though I didn’t grow up in a Christian household, I have respect for a good chunk of what Christianity has to offer. I’m a fan of the Golden Rule, to be sure, and the art and architecture and music all sit well with me. I like the cheek-turning and the not casting the first stone if you’re not without a sin or two of your own. What I enjoy about pretty much any religion, though, is the feasting. I love me a brisket and latkes, mind you, as it’s part of my own cultural heritage, but since we live in Tucson and we’re understaffed, the Hanukkah menu this year will have to take a back seat to the Christmas parties that have been booked this week, and since people tend not to throw Christmas parties on Christmas Day, those of you whose food celebration is Christmas are in luck: we’ll be preparing our usual selection of Christmas treats. The menu is similar to Christmas menus past, and we’re opening on a Sunday despite our lack of a full-sized crew so that we might offer you these dishes to pick up on Christmas Eve so that you and Santa can put your feet up on the big day and pass the time with your family and friends. You have two weeks to place your orders, and we’re limited as to how many geese we can get, so it behooves you to call sooner than later. You can place your order at (520) 326-9363.

Christmas carryout at Feast

While the Christmas menu is as evanescent as ever, the December menu begins today, and should more than two weeks. That said, the list of items our purveyors have shorted us today is a long one: Spigariello and sorrel didn’t come in, nor did lamb necks. We’re tided over thanks to the University of Arizona’s Agricultural Extension, but we only have a few servings until Thursday, when we get our substantial order in, only to cook them for eighteen hours, so if your heart is set on lamb neck, I’d mark the calendar’s Friday box and sit tight for a couple more days.

Lobsters have arrived, albeit slightly too small, but since the scallops have also arrived and they’re slightly too big, we’re calling it a wash for now. That said, the sea beans didn’t come in today either, so if you join us for lobster, scallops and mussels today, you’ll get a version with nori and microgreens rather than sea beans. Whatever the case, in another day or three, it should all be sorted and you’ll have some new dishes from which to choose. Barring any further disasters, the menu will continue to look like this,


with the ever-increasing chance throughout the week that we’ll have what you order in stock.

My own intention is to mitigate the stress with the wines from this week’s tasting, and I dare say the Baga is the best Baga I’ve had in my admittedly limited experience with Baga.

Wines you didn’t drink yesterday

No matter what holiday(s) you celebrate, there’s no law against eating Christmas food, and I wholeheartedly encourage you to do so. And in the meantime, there are lobsters and lamb necks, with any luck, and chestnut flour crepes, and a handful of other dishes as well. Feast would be a great place to eat them.


your friends at Feast

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