The Holiday Maybes

Dear Feastlings,

If you’ve seen less of me of late, it’s because the holidays have come careening through the kitchen leaving scuffmarks and overturned tables. The holidays, post-pandemic, have been a lot like staffing, post-pandemic: plans are made and scrapped without notice, and last-minute parties pop up like jack-in-the-boxes (jacks-in-the-box?) only to disappear from the roster when the calls come for a confirmation. I suppose parties are more fanciful than employment, but from our perspective over here, they look more or less the same. So I find myself in the office, trying to squeeze assurances from purveyors that we’ll get the Chanterelle mushrooms we need for New Year’s Eve or the kippered herring- even fresh herring we could kipper ourselves- that we need for the benefit dinner we’re doing in conjunction with the Rogue Theatre’s production of Under Milk Wood (more on that once I get promises from our purveyors.) I find myself in the kitchen, working the saute station for the person who called in sick after everyone who could have covered the shift already worked all morning. I find myself at the computer, typing up this email so long after it should have gone out that I’ll now postpone sending it until tomorrow morning, in hopes that you see this link to the Christmas menu and pick up the phone now rather than waiting until next Tuesday, the last day to order. Orders thus far are sparse, but Thanksgiving orders were sparse until the last couple of days and we ended up roasting 54 turkeys. Take a Christmas gander at the Christmas goose and call in your order at (520) 326-9363:

Christmas carryout at Feast

Or maybe you’ll make plans for New Year’s Eve if you catch a glimpse of this menu:

Opening on a Sunday evening to fill your bellies before you celebrate the new year.

Whatever the case, the sooner you let us know your plans, the better we’ll be able to accommodate them. The same applies to this Saturday’s wine tasting, an assortment of winter-friendly reds that make perfect holiday sense.

Big reds

I’ll also point our that all these bottles make lovely holiday gifts, and parking and lines at Feast are significantly less stressful than most other options around town.

All this said, I’ve got no leg to stand on when I suggest other people plan ahead- I only completed the New Year’s Eve menu today (yesterday, by the time you get this,) and I have yet to even begin working on the January menu. If you’re as last-minute as I am, my heart goes out to you, as I know what repercussions you suffer, and I know you’re that way despite your best efforts. Whatever the case, we’re grateful for your support and patronage,

Thanks, and Happy Whatever You Celebrate.

Doug and all your other friends at Feast

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