Dinner with winemaker Drew Voit of Harper Voit

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One of the lucky things about Tucson is that we’re close enough to California and Oregon wine country that when an exhausted west-coast winemaker wants to take a deep breath and recover from the stress of harvest, he or she often likes to sneak into Tucson under the guise of work, and walk around in shorts and a t-shirt in November.  Such is the case this month when we’re joined by Drew Voit of Harper Voit.

You might recognize the name of a winery or two where Drew made wine before hanging out his own shingle in the Willamette Valley: Domaine Serene, or Shea Wine Cellars.  Those of you who came to our dinner with Stephen Hagen of Antiquum Farms may remember that he and Drew make wine with the fruit of each other’s vineyards, and you tasted some Harper Voit “Antiquum” Pinot back then.

On Tuesday, November 19, you’ll have a chance to meet Drew and taste some of his exceptional wines.  There’s some serious Pinot here, both Blanc and Noir, and with production so small, you’re not likely to get a chance to again, at least this vintage.  The dinner takes place at 6:30, it costs $90 plus tax and gratuity, and you’ll find some amazing wine, some food meant to show it off, and a cozy chat with Drew.  Seating is limited, and web and email reservations never guarantee a reservation at our wine events, so you’ll need to call us at 326-9363 and grab your seat while you can.  If this doesn’t make you feel thankful, our hearts ache for you.


Roasted shallot upside-down cake with pear vin blanc and house-cured branzino.

2018 Harper Voit “Surlie” Pinot Blanc, Willamette Valley

Savory tahini steamed pudding with roasted chicken, brown butter, roasted garlic and hazelnut spinach.

2018 Harper Voit “Surlie” Pinot Blanc, Willamette Valley

Cornish game hen stew with Castelvetrano olives and blood oranges.  Smoked paprika gribenes.

2018 Harper Voit “Terrarossa” Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley

Sautéed loin of porcini-dusted lamb with Fernet and barley malt butter, kohlrabi and spigarello.  Urfa chili garnish.

2018 Harper Voit “Strandline” Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley

A little something sweet for dessert

$90 plus tax and gratuity

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