Snow on the roof

Dear Feastlings,
In September of 2000, not long before Feast opened, my dear friend Jeff Azersky (you probably know Jeff- he and Jim Murphy own Kingfisher) became the proud father of a tiny, tender-hearted child called Sadie. On Feast’s first menu, we honored this fragile little girl, whom I’d been afraid to hold in one arm for fear that I’d break her, with a dish, which has periodically returned throughout the years. Sadie is off to college this month, and we’re honoring her again this week with Mussels Sadie, a simple bowl of mussels with lemon, garlic and star anise and some crusty bread to sop up the extra jus de moules. Jeff and I both have more snow on the roof than we did back then. Actually, it’s Murph that has the snow on the roof. I’m the one who’s losing shingles every time he takes a shower. In any case, it’s fun to remember this dish and remember a tiny version of Sadie, and you can stop in for the mussels for the next week, if not to remember a little Sadie, then maybe to remember a little Feast. There are some other faves this week as well: a fried oyster BLT, duck tamales, gougere sliders with beef cheeks, and a loose interpretation of pastel de tres leches. You can see the details here.

Also, if the number of people who joined us for one last lobster bread pudding is any indication, it behooves me to mention a couple more things, even though I mentioned them in the last email. First, there’s a wine tasting this Saturday at 2:00. All pink wines that will help you through the last of the barely active monsoon season.

And second, we’re offering a special menu on August 15th for Ferragosto, full of Italian classics and the lowest prices you’ll likely find in a restaurant for Italian wines, as least stateside.

It all promises to be fun- the mussels, the pink wines, the Italian specials- and reservations for any or all of them are an excellent plan. Give us a buzz at 326-9363 and we’ll protect your table from interlopers. See you soon.

Your buddies at Feast

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